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There is no ideal weight. Everyone is different.

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What is a healthy weight for a 62 year old male

what is the ideal weight for a 6' 2" male who is 60 years old

What is ideal weight for 43 year old male 6ft 1

It depends on your height. The ideal weight for a male who is 5 feet 3 inches is 132 pounds. You can calculate your weight from that.

The average weight for a 9 year old male is 80 to 90 pounds.But you have to consider who big the parents are.

The ideal weight of a 61 year old man who is 5' 3" tall is about 127 pounds.

The ideal weight is about 75kg/12 or 12 and ahalf stone.

It depends on height for the ideal weight. here is a calculator

It depends on your height and overall build.

I would say the ideal weight for a 6'2 65 year old male would be round about 10-11 stone

An ideal weight does not vary with age. Search for "ideal weight calculator." Your answer is probably around 170 pounds.

Same as for a 40 year old male. It is a number dependent upon the height and weight of the person.

It depends on body type and height of the individual. The ideal weight for a twenty one year old who in 5' 6" is going to be different from one who is 6'2."

According to Halls-MD, the ideal weight for a 13 year old male 5'5" is 125 lbs.

No weight is ideal. Whatever makes YOU look best.

Ideal weight for a 19-year old female is 105-115

It depends on your body structure. I would say around 65 Kg is ideal weight.

whats the ideal weight for a 45 year old female who is 5'8"

According to Halls-MD, the ideal weight for a male 13 years old, 5'7" is 138 lbs an ideal weight of a 13 y/o male should be within the interval of 58-64 kgs.

145-170 would be an ideal weight for that height.

According to BMI, your weight should be about 65kg-75kg to be normal.