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Electromagnets and permanent magnets both attract or repel other magnets and attract iron and other substances. An electromagnet is a magnet that is only active when it has a current passing through it; permanent magnets are always active.

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How is a electromagnet diffrent then a permanent magnet?

By definition an electromagnet is only working when it has a supply of electricity, a Permanent Magnet is always a magnet

What is the difference between an electromagnet and a permanent magnet?

The difference between an electromagnet and a bar magnet is that the bar (steel) magnet is always turned on, therefore always magnetic. The electromagnet is a magnet that is powerd by a battery so you can turn it on and off.

Is the magnet in a compass a permanent magnet or an electromagnet?

PermanentThere is no source of current in a compass, therefore the magnet is a permanent magnet.

Is electromagnet a permanent magnet?


What are the similarities between an electromagnet and a permanent magnet?

Each produces magnetic field They have a north and south magnet

Is a permanent magnet called a hard magnet or a electromagnet?

Perminant magnet

A magnet that keeps its magnetism?

A permanent magnet (in contrast to an electromagnet).

Is an electric motor a permanent magnet or electromagnet?

Electromagnet will the current is running.

Why will an electromagnet be able to pick up more steel cans than a permanent magnet?

An electromagnet is a stronger magnet.

What is the difference between permanent and electro magnet?

A permanent magnet is always magnetised (example is a simple bar magnet). An electromagnet is only magnetised while an electrical current is flowing through the coil. Once the electricity is switched off, the electromagnet ceases to be magnetised.

What is the difference between a electromagnet and a permanent magnet?

Electromagnets can be turned off by stopping the flow of electricity.

How does heat affect a magnet?

A permanent magnet (i.e. not an electromagnet) will be demagnetised by heating it.

When would you want to use an electromagnet rather than a permanent magnet?

When you need a magnet you can turn on and off an electromagnet is used.

Is an electromagnet stronger than a permanent magnet?

Not necessarily. The key difference between a permanent magnet and an electromagnet is the a permanent magnet does not change whereas an electromagnet's magnetic feild can be altered by varying the current through it. This means that electromagnets are more useful because they can be turned on or off, turned up or down or be put in 'reverse'.

What are two advantages of a natural magnet over electromagnet?

A natural magnet is permanent - an electromagnet loses its power when it's switched off.

How is an electromagnet different from a refrigerator magnet?

A refrigerator magnet is magnetic because it is a "permanent" magnet. An electromagnet is a magnetic field caused by a current flowing through a wire.

Why electromagnet is different from a permanent magnet because an electromagnet what?

An electromagnet is NOT permanent; the magnetism can be turned on and off. Also, an electromagnet constantly requires a current, and therefore energy, to remain on.

Is the magnet in a compass a permanent magnet or a electromagnet?

It is a permanent magnet. Electromagnets(as the name suggests) requires an electric source to become a magnet, when the power source is turned off it will not function as a magnet.

What are the advantages of using electromagnetsinstead of permanent magnets?

The advantages are that:* The electromagnet can be turned on an off. * The electromagnet can be made much stronger than a permanent magnet.

What does an electromagnet and a permanent magnet have in common?

Well, when an electromagnet is turned on, it produces a magnetic field just like a permanent magnet's magnetic field.

Is not a permanent magnet?

An electromagnet is a magnet while an electric current is running through the coil. Turn off the current and it is no longer magnetised, and is, therefore, not a permanent magnet.

How are a bar magnet and an electromagnet the same?

no, a bar magnet is a permanent magnet while an electromagnet is a coil of copper wrapped around a metal which temporarily magnetizes rather than permanently.

How is electricity transformed into motion?

A motor transforms electricity. Inside the motor, there is a permanent magnet and an electromagnet, which can rotate. When the circuit is closed, the electromagnet is constantly repelled and attracted to the permanent magnet. This will cause the electromagnet to turn. It also causes anything that is attached to the electromagnet to turn, causing motion.

What are similarities between electromagnet and magnet?

They both have a magnetic field, even though an electromagnet has no magnet.

What are the similarities between a magnet and a electromagnet?

The only similarities are that they both have magnetic fields and they both have a ferrous core. A permanent magnet is magnetic at all times. An electromagnet is only magnetic when there is a current passing through the coil around a ferrous core. Whereas a permanent magnet has a fixed field strength, the field strength of an electromagnet is dependent on the amount of electric current applied to it.

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