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This becomes a moral question, because the person signed an agreement to make payments and maintain these items in return for the money to use them. The person could walk away from these responsibilities, but then there will be problems for the people and businesses who helped him. A better way is to plan to take care of these issues before leaving and therefore, be assured of a welcome back in the future.

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Can a foreigner have possessions?

Yes, a foreigner in a new country can buy, sell, or trade personal possessions. If the foreigner came to a country with possessions, the person keeps them-- unless it would damage the country's ecosystem.

A person from a foreign country is called?

a foreigner

What do you call a Foreigner who comes and settles in a country?

isn't foreigner kind of the word for that and if it isn't is isn't it immigrant

To remove a foreigner forcibly to another country is to?


What is the word that means to send a foreigner out of the country?

deport him

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How do you spell forner?

Foreigner: a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country.

When was Country Financial created?

Country Financial was created in 1925.

An outsider or someone from another country?

They would be considered a foreigner or an alien.

What word means someone arriving from another country?

foreigner, tourist

If you marry a foreigner to keep her in the country when can there be a divorce?

If you marry a foreigner strictly for the purpose of getting her citizenship, that is illegal. I believe immigration requires a marriage of 6 years.

What is political implication of education in one country?

It obviously will vary depending on the politics and governance of the country concerned

Can a us citizen divorce a foreigner who still resides in the foreign country?


What are the Esperanto words for alien and foreigner?

The Esperanto words for alien and foreigner are eksterterulo and fremdulo respectively, with the former referring to someone from another planet and the latter to someone from another country.

Can a foreigner who does not live in the country co-sign for a loan here?

My sinple answer would be no.

What country gave Henry Ford the highest honor they could give a foreigner?


What is a nine letter word that mean a person who makes a home in another country?


A person who moves to a another country is called?

An ex-patriot to the original country, immigrant in the new country

What would it feel like being a foreigner?

You will never feel like a foreigner! When you go out of your country and look at the locals over there you will have a feeling like "Oh! my God! so many foreigners!!!!"

What is the difference between immigrant And emmigrant?

immigrant is a person who gets in your country as a foreigner and emmigrant is a person of your country who decides to go abroad

Where can I get training on financial planning in Los Angeles, CA?

Training the Street has financial training seminars around the country including in the Los Angeles area. You can find them at They also have self study programs.

What country is Mizuho Financial in?

Mizuho Financial is based in Japan

What do the alien and sedition acts state?

Allowed the President to expel any, foreigner, thought to be dangerous to the country.

What a sentence that has both a word ending in er and a word ending in or?

The visitor was a foreigner from a far away country.

What is the fee for entering the Galapagos Islands?

The cost for an adult foreigner from a non-Andean country is 100$ US.

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