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Bacteria are the most abundant organisms in the world. Scientists believe that bacteria helped create the earth's atmosphere. By producing so much life-producing oxygen, bacteria eventually made the atmosphere habitable for all creatures, including humans.

Bacteria are importnant to the planet as decomposers of dead organic matter, processors of nitrogen, and makers of medicine

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Q: What is the importance of bacteria?
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What are Positive and negative economic importance of bacteria?

Economic importance of bacteria

What is environmental importance of sabrobic bacteria?

they are bacteria

What is the importance of catalase to certain bacteria?

To differentiate between groups of bacteria.

What are the importance of bacteria on medicine?

The bacteria on or in medicine fights any harmful bacteria making you ill.

Medical importance of bacteria?


What are the importance of Bacteria in medicine?

The importance of bacteria in medicine is to help create vaccines and treatments for bacteria infections. By studying how they function, scientists and doctors are able to quickly combat and defeat them.

What is the Economic importance of bacteria and fungi?

economic importance of bacteria : useful role in medicine : antibiotics , serums,vaccines role in agriculture : nitrogen fixing bacteria,nitrifying bacteria, denitrifying bacteria role in industry:flavours of tea, leather tanning

What is the importance of socks?

The importance of socks is so your feet are warm and you don't get bacteria on them

What is the importance for observing living unstained bacteria?

The importance is to see the bacteria in their natural size and shape. When a bacteria is stained it may be altered in both size and shape by heat fixation and chemicals.

What is the Importance of bacteria cultivation?

Cultivation of bacteria is essential for the study of bacteria, usually in the development of vaccines for particular pathogens.

What is the economic importance of bacteria in agriculture?

The economic importance of bacteria in agriculture is quite diverse. In most cases bacteria will be used to facilitate production of agricultural products. For instance, bacteria are used to convert fresh milk into yogurt, cheese and so much more.

What is the importance of bacteria in the environment?

Bacteria helps the environment because they are great decomposers and love to feast on oil.

What economic importance of monerans?

monerans come under bacteria

What is the economic importance of monerans?

it is a kind of bacteria whre you can get everywhere

Can insulin be produced when genes from bacteria are inserted into humans?

No. When genes from humans are inserted into bacteria, the bacteria acts as factories that produce chemicals of importance to humans, such as insulin.

What is the importance of cleanliness in cooking?

to make sure no bacteria gets in food

What is the importance of pasteurization?

The importance of pasteurization is that it is able to kill harmful bacteria. This is one of the processes that are used in milk so as to promote longevity.

What is the importance of endospores to bacteria?

Endospores allow bacteria to survive in hostile conditions where growth would be impossible such as desication or extreams of heat.

Explain the importance of bacteria and fungi in the environment?

to break down dead things

What is the importance of heat fixing the slide before staining?

It is important to heat fix your bacteria slide so the bacteria adheres to the slide. Vuala!

What is the importance of hygiene in the kitchen?

The importance of hygiene in the kitchen is obvious, number 1: so you don't get bacteria in the food number 2: so you're safe from bacteria and number 3: there is no number three so don't worry about it. :)

What is the importance of volvox?

the importance of the volvox is that it helps by eating bacteria. bateria makes us sick. so the volvox basically eats sickness!!! lisa baylor

What is the importance of clams in marine ecosystem?

Clams help clean out the water by eating the bacteria in the water. :-)

What is the importance of health in hotel housekeeping?

people don't want other people's germs and bacteria

What is the importance of gram positive and gram negative bacteria?

Typical gram-positive bacteria are those staphylococci that produce boils; typical gram-negative bacteria are the bacilli that cause whooping cough; typical gram-variable bacteria are the bacilli that cause tuberculosis.