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What is the importance of the WWE?

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The importance is that it is there to entertain people and to show them to actually NOT wrestle or be a big FAT bully!

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What are the importance of wrestling?

The importance of the WWE is skill, and any other sports like, fast process. People join the WWE to get money for their social life. If you are watching it, there is no specific importance. Donny Heitler made this answer.

Which title is better and why WWE champ or world heavyweight champ?

Both the titles are of equal importance if we consider the championship per say. The WWE championship which was the only world championship in the WWE before they bought out WCW may be considered a slightly more prestigious title among the insiders in the WWE but both champions are treated equally when it comes to importance in the WWE

What is the current WWE Roster?

The following link is consistently updated with the current WWE roster in order of importance as well: http://www.smarkoutmoment.com/2010/03/wwe-hierarchy.html

Where did Sheamus work before wrestling?

Before coming to the WWE, he wrestled in Ireland. It says so in the wwe magazine with Mr. Mcmahon on the front. I know that isn't a lot of help but I hope it was of some importance. Before he wrestled, Sheamus worked as an IT technician (Information Technology).

Who is a WWE fan?

A wwe fan is a person who likes wwe, or a fan of fighters in wwe.

Why WWE released carlito?

Wwe released Carlito because he abused wwe on wwe superstars

Why do WWE superstars quit WWE?

Their are many reasons why WWE superstars leave WWE. One of those reasons can be, they were released from their WWE contract.

Where are good WWE stores?

wwe shopzone on the wwe website

What is the mission statement for WWE?

The WWE mission statement is for WWE is winning the the most precious prize in the WWE, The World Heavyweight Championship, and The WWE Championship.

What are the top 10 WWe Pay Per Views ever?

1. wwe TLC 2009 2. wwe wrestlemania 19 3. wwe summerslam 2008 4. wwe survivor series 2002 5. wwe wrestllemania 20 6. wwe wrestlemania 23 7. wwe backlash 2002 8. wwe wrestlemania 15 9. wwe wrestlemainia 21 10. wwe summerslam 2001

How can you get in WWE?

you have to be good to be in the wwe

How old can you be to get into the WWE?

You have to be 18 to get into the WWE and the schools you go to train for the WWE.

Where is WWE stadium?

there is no exact wwe stadium but there are stadiums where wwe is held

When did WWE layla join WWE?

Layla debuted in WWE in 2006.

Where can you see nude WWE wrestler?

On wwe . Com or wwe kids

Wwe vs tna who would win?

tna really is not that popular so without question wwe

What is the difference between WWE'12 and WWE'13?

wwe 13 is just like wwe 12 but u can do different things wwe 13 is basically a upgraded wwe 12

Where can you found WWE shop?

acsessoires of wwe sars or toyes or wwe theme and music or wwe videos or wwe t-shirt ...ect. sometimes superstars and divas...

Will WWE Layla return to the WWE?

WWE Diva Layla is still under contract with WWE on their Smackdown brand. She will return to WWE as she is just inactive due to injury. :)

Is it true that the WWE undertaker and WWE Kane are brothers?

No, it is not true.The WWE calls them 'brothers' as part of a storyline that they ( WWE ) have created.

Is sting coming to WWE?

Sting was never in WWE but might come to WWE.

In WWE who is the WWE champion?

ryback aka skip Sheffield is the wwe champion

Does WWE kelly kelly have a cousin in the WWE?

No she does not have any relatives that work for WWE

When WWE malina cameback towwe?

when wwe diva malina cameback to wwe

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