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The inlay work in copper and silver from Andhra pradesh is usually digging the field mines.

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Q: What is the in lay work in copper and silver from andhra pradesh?
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What states of India does lepra currently work?

I think LEPRA currently works in Bihar, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh

Why are electrical wires made of copper and not silver?

copper is cheaper. silver does work better though.

What is the Comanche's art and music like?

beed work and silver and copper jewly

What is silver used as in electrical work?

Silver is used as a low resistance conductive material. Contactors and relays contact points are made of copper and are silver plated to obtain the lowest resistance between the moving contact faces.

How do you set up a small children's parks in a village of andhra pradesh in India?

You can buy a place before you set up a children park in any village and you can start your work there. You no need any permission from government to do that. GOOD LUCK.

Does a copper heat sink or an aluminum one with a base made of copper work any better than a pure aluminum one?

The thermal conductivity of copper is higher than that of aluminum, and silver is better than either copper or aluminum.

Why are electric wires usually made of copper?

Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity which is not prohibitively expensive. It is also easy to work with. Although silver is a better conductor it's obviously much more costly.

What are the materials are good conductors?

Copper is probably your best bet for all around. Gold, silver and tin also work well.

How did you work out the reactivity series of metals?

potassium sodium lithium calcium magnesium aluminium (carbon) zinc iron (hydrogen) copper silver gold

Why copper pipesare used in ac work?

Copper has a .39 specific heat capacity which is almost the same as silver, but is 1/6 the cost. Specific heat capacity is a substances ability to hold heat and the smaller value the better. Copper is the 4th best solid to use for cooling systems behind lead, silver, and gold(none of which can be used for expense and/or health reasons.)

Which metals are not magnetic?

4 metals are not magnetic 1. Aluminium 2. Gold 3. Copper 4. Brass these metals can only be magnetised by very scientific work which i cannot understand 5. don't forget silver...

How can I make my own battery to win a contest at school?

Use copper and silver coins, with blotting paper soaked in salt water. Stack the coins:- silver, blotting paper, copper, silver, blotting paper, copper, silver...etc. Attach wires to the lower silver coin and the copper upper coin. Stack the coins so there are at least four pieces of blotting paper soaked in brine. You can prove the battery's potential with a digital multimeter. It will not produce much useful current, but you should be able to get 3 volts out of it. You could get it to work a digital watch. (make sure you get the voltage right first.) You could also try sticking dissimilar metal plates into a lemon. Try copper and steel, but experiment with different metals, see which is best.

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