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The internet is the World Wide Web, which is where the www in front of websites comes from.

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Is all thos stuff about Bella and zendayas real?

My sister say stuff on the Internets stuff is not real

Hayo is this those internets?

yes these are those internets

Can you still be activated on Pokemon gts if your internets off?

no you can not :( srry your internets broken

How many different internets are there?

There are six internets in the world, four of them owned by the USA, one owned by China and the last one owned by the UK. Within each Internet there are many INTRANETS (internets within internets). You are reading this on one of the USA public internets, all others are classified and protected.

Name all the internets connection providers in kolkata?

Broadband(BSNL),Airtel,Aircel,Reliance etc.

How many internets are in the world?

One. Internets is a internet humor term that was used by George W. Bush in 2000.

How many internets are there?

There are many government, corporate, and university internets. The two best known are the internet you're reading this on and Internet2 which is used by a consortium of universities. >9000

What is the password for the iPod touch Internet?

There is no password for the ipod touch internet. There is a password for the internets on the ipod touches the internets that require a password are 2WIRE212, Craig, and LittleOak.

How do you internets?

Can't tell if trolling or just stupid.

Where can you find out about auditions near you?

craigslist; newspapers; internets.

How you can protect the polar bears?

By hunting them and selling their pelts on the internets!

What are the answers to the Microsoft internet scavenger hunt?

Microsoft looks at what you do on the internets!

What is the internets influence on sport?

it is usually not true and stereotypes it xD =D

Pokemon shiny gold action replay codes?

/b/ was here 7/17/09 9:33 pm east coast time THE INTERNETS SILLY THE INTERNETS HAS ALL THE ANSWERS IN THE WORLD!

What is melky cabrera's real name?

Melky is his real name Melky is his real name

What is everybody in mindless behavior's real name?

Well ,prodigy real name is Craig. Rayray real name is Randy. Rocroyal real name is Trey. And princeton real name is Jacob :-)

What is Zyndayas real name?

That is her real name.

Is sheepee real name?

no, not to a real person. but to a sheep its a real name.

What is christian real name?

his real name is Kaydn Rodriguez His real name is Jason Reso

Why does youTube show your real name?

Because you logged in as your real name.

Who does not like Justin Bieber?

100 percent of the internets population...( lots of people)

Where can you find info from someone from Chile?

You go on the internets, and then type your question into the Google.

What is trey songs real name?

His Real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson! His Real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson! His Real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson! His Real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson! His Real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson!

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