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What is the jurisdiction and constituency of a mayor and a governor?

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A mayor governs a city or town. A governor oversees the running of a state government. And their constituencies are the people they serve.

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Can a mayor run for governor?

not if he is a mayor

Is the position of mayor or governor higher?

The mayor controls a town the governor controls the stateso governor is higher

Was John Tyler governor or a mayor?

from my knowledge, he had many positions and he was governor in 1825, but not mayor.

Who is the ruler of Guam?

Guam is a territory of the United States and are under the jurisdiction of the President. At a more local level they have a Governor for the island and a mayor for each village.

Who is more important the mayor or governor?

The governor is more important than the mayor because the governor has authorities over the state while the mayor has authorities over the city.

Does a governor have to be a mayor before he becomes governor?


Who is the governor of Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh has no governor. Only states have governors. Pittsburgh has a mayor, Mayor Ravenstahl

Who is the mayor of Tennessee?

they have a Governor not a mayor and it is Phil Bredesen

Who comes first governor or mayor?

mayor for the city

Who is the mayor of California city?

Mayor? Or you mean Governor? California is not a city. It's one of the states in the USA. As a state, it has a governor instead of a mayor. Current California governor is Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Can the Governor fire the mayor?

No. The governor cannot fire the mayor of a city. If the governor really wanted to get rid of a mayor, he could help organize a recall election, or if laws were broken he might seek an indictment, but he cannot simply remove a mayor.

Does each state in the United States have a governor?

Yes, each of the 50 states and each of the 5 organized unincorporated territories has its own Governor. The District of Columbia has a Mayor, and the district is under the direct jurisdiction of the federal Congress.

Who is the mayor of Kentucky?

Kentucky has no mayor. It is a state, and thus has a Governor.

Can a governor fire a mayor?

no .

Who is the Mayor of Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has a governor, not a mayor. Some cities have mayors. The current Wisconsin governor is Scott Walker.

Who is the mayor of RI?

RI does not have a mayor, since it is a state it has a governor. The current governor of Rhode Island is Lincoln Chaffee.

Who is the Los Angeles governor?

Los Angeles does not have a governor, but a mayor.

How many US presidents were a mayor then governor then president?

Three for sure. Andrew Johnson was mayor of Greeneville, Tennessee and later governor of that state. Grover Clevelandwent from mayor of Buffalo, NY to Governor of New York. Calvin Coolidge was the mayor of Northampton, Mass and later served as governor of Massachusetts.

Who runs a city state or country?

City: Mayor State: Governor Country:president City: Mayor State: Governor Country:president

Who is the mayor of Alabama?

Alabama does not have a mayor. It has a Governor. Robert Bentley is the current Governor in Alabama. He was elected in 2010 and reelected in 2014.

Who is the mayor of Florida?

There is no mayor of Florida, but the governor is Rick Scott(R).

What comes after governor and senator?

the mayor

Who is the governor of Rochester New York?

It does not have a Governor, but it has Robert Duffy as the Mayor.

Who has the most power the governor mayor or president?

The president is in charge of the United States. A governor is in charge of his/her state. And the mayor is in charge of a city.

Is Bloomberg mayor or governor?

Michael Bloomberg is the Mayor of New York City. Andrew Cumo is the Governor of New York State.

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