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There are two key differences.

1) In animal cells, there are centrioles that pull on the spindle fibers at the left and right poles of the cell during metaphase. Centrioles do not exist in plant cells.

2) When a cell ends telophase and reenters into interphase, plant and animal cells vary. Plant cells form a plate or wall in the center of it's cytoplasm to divide and eventually break apart the cell into two. Animal cells squeeze inward until they pinch apart into two.

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Which phase of mitosis shows the greatest difference between plant and animal cells?

the telophase

How does mitosis differ between the onion root and the roundworm?

The only difference between vegetal (onion) cells and animal (roundworm) is not quite in mitosis, but in citokinese (not a mitosis phase since mitosis refers to nucleus division). Vegetal cells have a thick wall rounding the cell which needs different means to split than the membrane in animal cells

What is the same between animal cell mitosis and plant cell mitosis?

every thing is the same in mitosis. but there is a difference and that is in cytokinesis. In animal cells a protein (middle belt) tightens membrane and causes division. In plant cells vesicles are produced from Golgi and come in the middle and divide the cells.

What is one difference between meiosis and mitosis?

Mitosis occurs in "normal" cells and meiosis in germ cells.

Differences between animal and plant mitosis?

Centrioles are clearly visible in animal cells during mitosis where as in plants they do not.

What is the difference between algal cells and animal cells?

there is no difference

Do plant and animal cells have mitosis?

Yes - both plant and animal cells undergo mitosis.

What does not distinguish mitosis in plant cells from mitosis in animal cells?

presence of centrioles

What are the difference between mitosis and amitosis?

Meiosis is essential for sexual reproduction Mitosis occurs exclusively in eukaryotic cells

What is the difference between animal mitosis and plant mitosis?

Telophase in plant cells is different from that of animal cells. During telophase in an animal cell, the cell pinches to divide in two. In a plant cell, however, since their cell wall is stiff and difficult to manipulate, a cell plate forms in the middle of the cell which further separates the two cells.Hope this helped

What is the difference between the number of chromosomes between a parent cell and its daughter cells?

Cells after mitosis have equal numbers,cells after meiosis have the half

What is the difference between the two cells formed after mitosis and cell division?


What are the difference between bacterial cells and animal cells?


Which process has divisions mitosis and meiosis?

There are two types of cell division-mitosismeiosisThe difference in between them is that mitosis takes place in vegetative cells while meiosis in reproductive cells.

What is the difference between meisos and mitosis?

meiosis occurs in the gamete or sex cells whereas mitosis occurs in the body cells meiosis produces 4 daughter cells whereas mitosis only produces 2

How can you tell the difference between plant and animal cells?

Plant cells have a cell wall, animal cells do not.

What is the difference between male mitosis and female mitosis for humans?

There is no difference, mitosis is the division of cells for the repair of damages areas, or growth, meiosis is different in male and females, mitosis isnt. Sources: An A in biology class

What are three differernces between plant and animal cel?

Animal cells use centrioles to create a spindle f9r mitosis and animal cells just use microfillaments and microtubles. Animal cells use just mitochondria to create energy while plant cells use a combination of mitochondrion and chloroplasts. A third difference is that animal cells don't have a cell wall.

What divides animal cells?


Animal cell do not have?

The main difference between animal and plant cells are a lack of a cell wall in animal cells.

What type of cells use mitosis?

Mitosis occurs in Multicellular Organisms (Plant & Animal Cells).

Where does mitosis take place in animal cells?

Mitosis takes place in the cytoplasm of an animal cell.

What is the difference between cells produced by mitosis and meiosis?

Mitosis reproduces somatic cells, meiosis reproduces sex cells. Mitosis- Cell division involving body cells. Divides once. Meiosis- Cell division involving sex cells. Divides twice.

What is the difference between mitosis and cell division?

cell division includes mitosis and meiosis. Mitosis is with one parent cell and meiosis is with 2 parent cells.

What is the difference between mitosis in plant cells and mitosis in animal cells?

A plant cell, during mitosis, has no centriole, so in the second phase [metaphase], spindle fibers do not connect to the [missing] centriole that move in opposite directions in animal cell mitosis. Also, instead of having a cleavage, like in animal cell mitosis, a cell plate forms. Animal cells do not have centrioles so the spindle fibers do not connect to centrioles and move to opposite poles, spindle fibers are instead formed by microtubules. Additionally, in the telophase in plant cells, the cytoplasm does not narrow or compress, a cell plate is instead formed in the centre of the cell and this divides it into two daughter cells.