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The Rose Suchak Ladder Company

a mondegreen for "arose such a clatter" from the poem "night before Christmas".

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What company ladder did they use in Santa Claus the movie?


Who starred as Santa Claus in Santa Claus the movie?

It was Tim Allen

In the movie The Santa Claus who starred as the substitute Santa Claus?

Santa was Scott Calvin, who was played by Tim Allen in all three Santa Clause movies. Tim Allen replaced Santa Claus after accidentally startling the original Santa, causing him to fall off of his roof. Tim Allen plays Santa Claus in The Santa Clause 1,2, and 3.

What happens to Tim Allen in the movie Santa Claus?

After the movie's first Santa Claus is killed in an accident; Tim Allen changes into the next Santa Claus. He starred in two more sequels.

In the film the Santa Claus who played the substitute santa?

Tim Allen

Who played Santa Claus in the 'Santa Claus' movie series?

Tim Allen played Santa in the "Santa Clause" movie series.

What has the author Harriet Allen written?

Harriet Allen has written: 'Dear Santa Claus' -- subject(s): Fiction, Cable cars (Streetcars), Christmas, Santa Claus

Who starred in the movie Santa Claus 2?

Tim Allen starred in the movie Santa Claus 2. He played the main character, Calvin Scott who takes over the role of Santa Claus. Tim Allen also starred in the previous movie.

Which DIY expert has played Santa Claus in 2 movies?

Santa Claus was played by Tim Allen in a series of movies called The Santa Clause.

How many Tim Allen Santa Claus movies are there?


What happened to the character played by Tim Allen in the santa Claus?

he yelled at santa on the roof and he became santa

What movie is Tim Allen from?

Tim Allen is in the Christmas film. "Santa Claus the movie" :) x

What year was the santa Claus made with Tim Allen?

It was made in 2004

What actor played Santa Claus in three movies?

Tim Allen

What is the name of the reindeer Tim Allen rode to stop the clone santa in Santa Claus 2?


How does Tim Allen become Santa in The Santa Claus?

Tim Allen became Santa in the movie by putting on the red Santa suit when scared off balance when Santa was on the house. The suit was magical enough to change him into Santa!

Is Tim Allen doing any more Santa Claus movies?


What is the last name of the character Tim Allen played in Santa Claus?

Before becoming Santa, he was Scott Calvin.

How many Santa Claus movies are there?

3. The Santa Claus, The Santa Claus 2, and The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Claus

Who really is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus is really Santa Claus.

What company invented Santa Claus?

Santa Claus was not invented by a company. He was a Saint who was the patron saint of children. He loved children and performs miracles to make them happy (Christmas). People say Santa Claus is not real. That is because they lost faith and hope. The mystery of Santa Claus brings faith and hope to children all over the world. If you don't have faith and hope, Santa is not real. If you do, he is very real. The secret of Santa Claus will never be found out. Santa does not become real by a company or seeing him. He becomes real by faith and hope.

When does the movie Santa Claus 4 come out?

there will be none Tim Allen said so

Where did they film the townhouse scenes in The Santa Claus with Tim Allen?

cookies fuit milk

What was Santa Claus' wife's name in the movie Santa Claus?

Karen was santa Claus wife in santa Claus

Where online can one watch Santa Claus the Movie?

Want to watch Santa Clause the movie? Watch the entire movie with Tim Allen playing the role of Santa Claus online for free. There are many websites to choose from.