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The Chevy small block is exactly that: one block... with many different piston sizes: 305, 350, 400, 502, etc... None of which will drop into a 95 and later Monte which is designed to hold a 60 degree V6. Lots of modification will need to be done.

2011-09-14 10:33:55
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What is the gear ratio for a 2002 Toyota Tacoma with 2.7 engine and 5speed manual transmission?


What new trucks have a manual transmission?

the "Chevrolet Colorado" comes standard with a 5speed manual transmission

What transmission is in the 2001 F150 5speed manual?


How do you adjust Linkage for 89 Chevy Cheyenne manual transmission?

no adjustment on the 5speed manual transmission with overdrive. hydraulic clutch

What do you need to do to change a automatic galant to a 5speed?

To change an automatic galant to a 5-speed, you need a Computer for the Manual transmission of that year, and an engine.

What is transmission oil capacity for Vectra 3.2 C?

1.9l for 5speed manual

Where is the reverse light switch on 2005 altima 2.5 with 5speed manual trans?

On the transmission casing towards the housing, on the top to be precise

How many quarts in the manual trans of 97 ford F150 with 4.2 engine?

The transmission is a mitsubishi M05D-R2 5speed transmission. The fluid capacity is 4 quarts of ATF, most guys with shifting trouble have seen shifting improvement switching to Mobil-1.

Where do you add transmission fluid to a 1993 Mazda mx3 manual 5 speed?

if it is a 5speed it does not take trannsimission fluid it take cluth fluid

What connects the transmission to the engine in a manual transmission car?

A clutch.

Will a 3.0 V6 fit were 2.6 4cyl. Mitsubishi 5speed manual transmission 87 Dodge Raider same as Mitsubishi Montero?

No, the V6 won't bolt up to the 4 cyl transmission.

Where is the drain plug for a 99 Nissan Altima?

wich one radiator, engine or transmission (manual or automatic)... wich one radiator, engine or transmission (manual or automatic)...

Engine torque is transferred to a manual transmission through what?


How much speed transmission does a Chevy 305 engine have?

An autimatic transmission will have a 4 speed transmission and a manual transmission will have a 5 speed transmission.

How much transmission fluid for a 2004 GMC Canyon Manual Transmission?

2.20 liters for the manual 5 cylinder 3.5 liter engine

How do you line up the transmission with the engine on a 94 ford ranger 3.0?

automatic or manual transmission ?

What typer of transmission fluid do you use for a 1998 eagle talon 5-speed manual transmission?

It depends on what engine type you have. For the turbo charged engine, I recommend the following:Manual Transmission,.....GL-475W-90, 75W-85WAmsoil Synthetic Manual Transmission and Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90For the non turbo engine:Manual Transmission,.....GLSAMSOIL Synthetic Synchromesh Transmission FluidMopar part no. 04874465 meeting MS-9417.

Can you put a manual transmission in a 1993 Lincoln town car?

Yes, you can put a manual transmission in a 1993 Lincoln Town Car. The purpose of the engine is to provide motion to the transmission.

Kawasaki transmission fluid?

Most metric motorcycles do not have separate engine and transmission fluids. The engine oil also lubricates the transmission.When in doubt, check the owner's manual.

Where is the manual transmission found in mazda6 2004?

Directly behind the engine.

Can an automatic transmission of a 1994 Honda Accord be converted to a manual transmission?

You Can perform an engine swap to a h22a manual or a b16 manual. You will get more power with the h22a but the motor cost money.

I need to replace the engine and transmission in my 92 Subaru loyale what other years and models will fit?

Any transmission that is bolted to the same engine number. My subaru has an ea82 engine so any transmission that is bolted to an ea82 engine will fit. It has to be the same as far as automatic replacing automatic. Manual replacing manual.

Manual transmission for a 95 dodge avenger 2.5L V6?

yes if you take manual transmission from eclipse 2000 2005 it will work its the same engine ...almost

Did a 350 engine from a Pontiac GTA automatic transmission fits on a manual transmission of a 305 Pontiac firebirdn?

yes the engine will bolt right up.

Where is the transmission fluid filler located on a 2007 accent manual trans?

The transmission fluid filler is located in the back of the engine compartment on the 2007 Accent manual transmission. You fill it by removing the dipstick.