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The largest type of kangaroo in Australia is the Red Kangaroo. The male red kangaroo averages 1.5-1.8m in height.

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Q: What is the largest type of kangaroo in Australia?
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What is the largest animal in Australia?

The largest native land animal in Australia is the red kangaroo.

What type of kangaroo is the fastest?

The largest kangaroo, the Red Kangaroo, is the fastest.

What is the largest island in South Australia?

The largest island in South Australia is Kangaroo Island.

What is the third largest island in Australia?

Including Tasmania, the island state of Australia, as the largest island, the third largest island of Australia would be Kangaroo Island.

What type of kangaroo is the largest marsupial in the world?

The Red kangaroo (Macropus rufus) is the largest marsupial in the world.

Is kangaroo the largest wild animal in Australia?

There are over 60 species of kangaroo in Australia, and some are very small. The Red Kangaroo is the largest native animal in Australia, but there are larger introduced species. Feral camels, water buffalo and brumbies are larger than Red Kangaroos.

What is the largest island south of Australia?

The largest island south of the Australian mainland is Tasmania, one of Australia's states. Kangaroo Island is the largest island south of Australia that is not a state.

What are the 3 largest islands in Australia?

Australia's largest island is the island state of Tasmania.The second largest island is Melville Island, in the Northern Territory, and the third largest island is Kangaroo Island, in South Australia.

How are red kangaroos different from other kangaroos?

The red kangaroo is the largest of all the 60 or so kangaroo species in Australia.

What country is the home to Kangaroo Island?

Australia. Kangaroo Island, which is Australia's third largest island, lies off the southern coast of South Australia. For more details, see the link below.

Where does the wallaroo come from?

The wallaroo is a type of kangaroo which comes from Australia.

Are northern quolls the largest marsupial in Australia?

No. All the species of quoll are only around the size of a cat. Australia's largest marsupial, and the largest marsupial in the world, is the Red Kangaroo.

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