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Bovinae. But different breeds have more specific names.

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Q: What is the latin adjective for cattle?
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What is the adjective form of the word Latin?

The adjective form for the noun Latin is Latin; Latin language, Latin music, Latin countries.

What is the Latin adjective for Phoenician?

The Latin adjective for Phoenician is "Poenicus."

What part of speech is cattle?

It is a plural noun. It can also be an adjective, as in a cattle ranch.

What is the Latin translation for the word cattle?


What does boe constricter mean in latin?

The Latin meaning of Boe constrictor is Cattle binder.

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The Latin adjective senior means older.

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The Latin adjective meaning dignified is gravis.

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"Urban", from the Latin.

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No. Latin is a noun, the name of a language. Roman is an adjective pertaining to Rome. A noun and adjective cannot be synonyms.

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The English adjective "insular" derived from the Latin word insula, meaning "island."

What is the adjective noun agreement in Latin?

The adjective and noun agreement rule in Latin requires that a noun and any adjective that modifies must agree in gender, number, and case (but not necessarily ending).

Is there a Latin word that means united?

There are multiple words in Latin for "united", the adjective "consociatus", for example. But it depends if you're looking for a verb or an adjective.