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Q: What is the latin name for water?
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What is the name Aquarius mean?

Meaning of "Aquarius"Latin-American name In Latin-American, the name Aquarius means- tthe water bearer. The name Aquarius orginated as an Latin-American name. The name Aquarius is a unisex name and can be used for a boy or girl name (male or female).Latin-American Name Meaning - the water bearerOrigin - Latin-America

What is hydrogen in Latin?

as a suffix, hydrogenii. Alone, hydrogenium. Latin name of hydrogen is HYDROGENIUM

What is the Latin name for Mercury?

The Latin Name of Mercury is Hydrargyrum that is why it's symbol is Hg.

What body of water is name to islands that make up latin America?

The Caribbean Sea.

What is Hermes's latin name?

Hermes' Latin name was mercury.

Another name for submarine?

another name for a submarine is submarinous. it is latin meaning "steel fish" or "under water tank"

Lutetglia which means mid water dwelling in Latin is the original name of what European city?


How did they kept the name for hydrogen?

The name Hydrogen is derived from Latin words Hydro- means water and Genous- means to produce. hydrogen on combustion produces water molecules so the name is decided.

Latin name for 'crocodile'?

the latin name for crocodile is 'crocodilius'!! =P

What is the family of the Chinese water dragon?

Chinese water dragons belong to the Agamidae family. Its Latin species name is Physignathus Cocincinus.

Why is water lily an aquatic plant?

The water lily, as the name suggests, grows in the water. That is what the term "aquatic plant" means. The Latin word aqua means water.

What is the Latin name for butterfly?

The Latin name for Butterfly is Papilio(Pa-pil-io) I knw this cuz im in latin and this is my latin name