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I think that first of all, we have to know What is a "leinhold"?

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Q: What is the law for a leinhold on a car title in Mississippi?
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Can you carry a firearm in your car in Mississippi?

Yes. According to Mississippi State law, you car is considered an extension of your home.

Is there a buyers remorse in MS?

There is no buyer's remorse law in Mississippi. You can return a car under the lemon law if the car is having problems that the dealer is refusing to repair.

What to do when the wrong lien holder is on the vehicle title?

georgia law on timeframe lean holder has to process car title

When was Mississippi Law Journal created?

Mississippi Law Journal was created in 1928.

Buyer's remorse lease laws Does Mississippi have one?

Mississippi does not have a buyer's remorse lease law. Federal law offers some protection for a reasonable time to change you mind or see if the car is going to function properly.

I have a bill of sale for the car my father said was mine but he wont turn over the title What can you do to get the title to sell the car under Illinois law?

It is according to what the year of the vehicle is. If you are just looking to sell the vehicle you can get a title from another State if you supply the documents they requirer. You would not be able to re title the car in IL.

What is a Lemon Law buyback title?

A lemon law buyback title is when a car is sold by a dealer or private seller with defects or problems that they knew about but did not tell the buyer on purchase. This protects against scams.

How did Mississippi law limit the acitvities of slaves?

How did mississippi law limit the activities of slaves

Do junk yards have to have a title to a car to take it?

Yes, that is how they can prove to the law that the car isn't stolen. ANSWER: They must provide legal papers of the car for inspection purposes.

If parents buy car and there is a loan can car driven by son have hs name on registration and title?

This question is extremely confusing. If the parents buy themselves a car, the parents name will be on their registration and title. If the parents lease a car for their son, the son's name will not be on the title. The company that leases the car will retain title and will take the depreciation in order to receive the depreciation under Federal Income Tax Law. How the registration reads will vary according to state law. However, there will be some type of legal document showing the son is entitled to drive the car legally.

What is the Mississippi speeding law for minors?

what are the laws of mississippi?

Can they take your car with the new law auto title loans?

I'm not sure what a "new law auto title loan" is, but basically, if you are using your car as collateral for a loan, yes they can take it if you fail to make payments on time. This should be pretty explicitly spelled out in the paperwork.

When was Mississippi College School of Law created?

Mississippi College School of Law was created in 1930.

When was University of Mississippi School of Law created?

University of Mississippi School of Law was created in 1854.

Will your name came off the car title if your car is repossessed?

Your name is probably not on the car title in the first place. When you are paying off a car loan, the title is in the name of the lender. Once the final payment has been made, then the lien is removed, a title is issued in your name and you own it outright.Of course, if you put your cleared title car up as collateral and have failed to make good on a debt, then it can be repossessed. State law will give you time to buy the car back and pay penalties. Once your time is up, then the car is sold and the new owner takes possession with his name now on the title.

If my Daughter's boyfriend added her name on title of his car as co-owner of car and the car is paid for can he take the car and sell it without her permission?

How a car may be sold with two names on the title depends on the local law where you live. In the United States, property law varies from state to state. On some questions it is possible to walk 10 feet and the correct answer changes from yes to no.

If a person holds a title to a car but another person has the car who owns the car?

Simple, the title holder, provided the title is in that person's name. Possession may be 9/10ths of the law, but possession is only possession. Ownership is another matter. If you have a title in your name, and someone else has your car and will not give it back-- well, you cannot steal your own property. Just don't enter a structure to get it.

65 percent law Mississippi new bills 2010?

was the law change from 85 to 65 for the state of mississippi are will in june

Can a junk yard take your car if its not in your name?

No, not legally. The law requires that they either have a pink slip (title) or a mechanics lien.

What can you do if you have your car but your friend registered on their name and now theyre trying to extort you for money for your title?

Bring a law suit against them

Could you get a title for a 1953 Chevrolet car not in your name and the guy had died 13 years ago and his son in law inharited the car without a title an then i bought it?

Yes. Through the DMV. You may need a signed affidavit from the previous owner, to do this.

Can you carry a handgun in your vehicle without a permit in Mississippi?

The short answer is, yes you can. In Mississippi, your car is considered an extention of your home. You should check the state laws before doing it, however, just to be sure you understand the law.

Does mississippi have common law marriage?


At what age - in Mississippi - is a child allowed to ride in the front seat of a car?

"Mississippi state law requires that all children under 4 years of age ride in a car seat. The law in Mississippi further requires that children ages 4 to 8 wear a seat belt system that meets their age and weight requirements, regardless of where in the vehicle they sit. All drivers and front seat passengers are required to wear a seat belt in Mississippi."

Does Mississippi recognize a common-law marriage?

No. Mississippi does not recognize common law marriage. See related link for more information about common law marriage.