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What is the law of attraction?


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February 08, 2011 9:40PM

The Law of Attraction is basically one of the 7 Super Laws exists in this world. Basically put The Law Of Attraction states that everything "attracts" or manifest based on our human brain results of thoughts. There are no accidents of fates. Everything were "attracted" by our thoughts. Let me help you to understand it better, when we constantly thought and feel of something long enough, our human body will build up a specific vibration frequency and our brain will pick it up, emits an electrical vibrational signal to the ether which is invisible to our naked eye. When someone else who had been emiting the very same frequency will be able to pick up your signal from the ether and react/respond naturally back to you.

Simply put, the law of attraction states "what is within, is without". That which is contained within your mind can be materialized in your outward reality. You attract whatever you focused your mind on or whatever you accept & believe with certainty. The law of attraction is an application of the power of the subconscious mind and mind power phenomenons. It has also been the basis for many spiritual practices, like magick spells, feng shui, neuro-linguistic programming & positive thinking.

In other words, B.S.

in science .... Oposite objects attract each other Same objects repell each other Neutrul objects are attracted to charged objects