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The League of Nations -- an idea proposed in World War 1 and in the Fourteen Points and is also mentioned -- In the Address of Pesident Woodrow Wilson to the U.S. Senate 22 January 1917, is says, "... Mere agreements may not make peace secure. It will be absolutely necessary that a force be created as a guarantor of the permanecy of the settlement so much greater than the force of any nation now engaged or any alliance hitherto formed or projected that no nation, no probably combination of nations could face or withstand it. If the peace presently to be made is to endure, IT MUST BE A PEACE MADE SECURE BY THE ORGANIZED MAJOR FORCE OF MANKIND."

Ok the league of nations. Def. ---> The league of nations is an association of nations formed after "The Great War" World War One. ^_^ they wanted to (metaphorically...kinda) not fight, but " sit down and talk it through" woth the other countries. but it never really worked out for them. =[

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Q: What is the league of nations?
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What was league of nations earlier known as?

Nothing. The League of Nations was the predecessor to the United Nations. (:

Why was Bulgaria optimistic about the League of nations dispute with Greece?

There is no League of Nations. We have United Nations

What was the league of nations role?

The league of nations was created out of WWI.

Why didn't the UN join the league of nations?

Original Answer: Because they are decades away. Improved: The United Nations are not a country. They couldn't have "joined" the League of Nations. The League of Nations was the predecessor of the United Nations - the League of Nations failed, and so, many years later in 1942 (I believe it was that year) they founded the United Nations as an improved "League of Nations."

What was the United Nations first called?

The precursor to the Current United Nations was called the League of Nations. The League of Nations was founded in 1919. When the United Nations was formed in 1945, the League of Nations basically ceased to exist.

Proposed international association whose job would be to keep peace among nations?

Leage of Nationsleague of nationsLeague of Nationsleague of nationsLeague of Nations

Who founded the League of Nations?

Randall Messer founded the League of Nations.

When did the league of nations fail?

The league of nations lasted from 1919-1946.

What is the current name for League of Nations?

The League of Nations no longer exists. It was replaced after WW2 by the United Nations.

Was the League of Nations active during World War 2?

the league of nations was like the untited nations

What countries signed the League of Nations?

The League of Nations later turned into the United Nations. So basically the entire U.N. is the League of Nations. This originally consisted of 58 nations, and since I do not want to list them all, then just look up "League of Nations original members" on Bing.

How did the League of Nations influence World War One?

The league of Nations offered peace to many Nations. Germany and Russia refused to respect the league of Nations. and so did the united states

How many countries are in the league of nation?

The League of Nations was dismantled in 1946. So there are no countries in the League of Nations. However at it's largest (1934 - 1935) the League of Nations had 58 members.

Where was the headquarters for the league of nations?

Yes, the Headquarters of the League of Nations was in Geneva, Switzerland.

When did Germany join the league of nations?

Germany joined the League of Nations in 1926...

When did Russia join league of Nations?

Russia joined the league of nations in 1934

When was League of Nations Union created?

League of Nations Union was created in 1918.

What did the League of Nations do in World War I?

The League of Nations did not exist until 1920.

Why did america not join the league of nations?

america did not join the league of nations because

Where was the League of Nations HQ?

The League of Nations Headquarters was in a building known as the "Palace of Nations" located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Did the league of nations achieve its aims?

The League of Nations failed miserably. The nations refused to cooperate to stop wars.

Who tried to get congress to approve the US joining the league of nations?

President Woodrow Wilson tried to get Congress to approve the US entry into the League of Nations. The League of Nations was the predecessor to the United Nations.

Who is the founder of The League of Nations?

The founder of the League of nations was Woodrow Wilson even though the US did not jion the league

United Nations to the League of Nations?

the leagueof nations and UN

An argument in favor of the League of Nations would be?

There are many things that are can arguably be in favor of the League of Nations. The League of Nations had many social successes by educating nations on the problems of drug smuggling and drug addiction.