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Q: What is the least condensed state of matter?
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What is the most condensed state of matter?

luiquid is the most compact state of matter

What is the difference between solid state physics and condensed matter physics?

Solid matter is actually solid. Condensed matter is a liquid that is pressurized.

What does it mean to be condensed state of matter?

It has more density

Which of the following is a change from a more condensed to a less condensed state of matter?

By "more condensed", do you mean "denser"? If so, the answer is "usually but not always". The most famous example of a substance where the solid form is less dense than the liquid form at the same temperature is water.

What is the state of matter with the least disorder?

This state of matter is the solid.

In what state of matter transition do water molecules move the least?

In what state of matter transition do water molecules move the least?

What has the author Michael P Marder written?

Michael P. Marder has written: 'Research methods for science' -- subject(s): Methodology, Science projects, Research 'Condensed matter physics' -- subject(s): Solid state physics, Condensed matter

Which state of matter is least dense?

Which element changes the density of matter

What state of matter has the least density?


Which state of matter has the least molecular motion?

The solid state has the least molecular motion.

What has the author Paul M Chaikin written?

Paul M. Chaikin has written: 'Principles of condensed matter physics' -- subject(s): Condensed matter

Matter in a solid or liquid form is?

These phases are called also "condensed matter".