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What is the legal age for a teenage mother to move out of her parents house in Mississippi?

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Constitutional age of majority is 21. Statutory age of majority is 18. The age imposed depends upon the individual's circumstances. For example, a standing court order stipulating age, if the minor is under the supervision of any state agency, etc. In this case, the court could impose the age of 21 if it was proven that the minor's child would not be properly cared for if the minor left the family residence.

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What is the legal age for a teenage mother to move out of her parents house in Mississippi-?


Can a teen mom move out of her parent's house without permission in the state of Kansas?

No a teenage mother can not leave her parents house , without their permission in the state of Kansas.

How old does a teenage mother have to be to move out of the house and into her friends house?

Normally 18. Below 18 the teenager is considered a child and is in the care of her parents, who have the right to constrain her movements

If a teenage mother has a fight with her parents can her parents kick her out of the house and keep her child?

Not unless they go to family court and have the mother declared incorrigible and deemed a ward of the state. Then they would need to request that they be granted temporary custody of the grandchild.

Can a 17-year-old move out of their parents house without their parents consent in Mississippi?

No, he/she can not.

How old does a 17 teenage age boy have to be to move of his parents house and into his girlfriends parents house in the state of Oregon that is a teenparent to be?

He has to be the age of majority. In Oregon that is the age of 18.

When can you move out of your parents house in Mississippi?

when you are 16 unless you apply to the court for emancipation

Can you move out of your parents house in Mississippi without permission?

No, it is not possible as long as you are a minor.

Can a baby daddy take the mother and his child with him if the mother was kicked out of the house by her parents and can the mother and her child stay with the baby daddy at his parents house?

Unless someone other than the child's parents has legal custody, I see nothing illegal about this.

If you live in Mississippi can you move out of your parents house when you drop out of high school with out your parents consent?

You don't have to have your parents consent to drop out of high school when you are 17 years of age and you can move out of your parents house in Mississippi when you turn the age of 18 years of age. You are consider an adult in the states eyes when u turn 18.

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Can a 17 old move out of their parent's house in mississippi?

Seventeen is not the same as being 18. Until you are an adult, the Mississippi law says the parents are responsible for the minor.

Can the law do anything when you are 18 and moving out of your parents house?

Depends on the state. In Mississippi, the age of majority is 21.

Can an 18 year old teenage girl leave her house without her parents' permission?

Yes, at 18 you are an adult.

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Can a 16 year old mother move out of her parents house?

No, pregnancy or parenthood does not emancipate you.

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Can you Move out of your house at 17 in Mississippi with parent permission?

Certainly if the parents give you permission. Otherwise you have to wait until you are an adult at 18.

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Can a teenage move out of 1 parents house into another parents house at 17 with out going to court?

Well, legally, no. but your 17 years old. If you just up and left to go to your other parents house nothing would happen to you and no one will make you return. Of course this is only if the current parent you live with is against the move. If your current guardian isn't against it, then just move to your other parents house, no need for court. Hope i helped.

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