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What is the legal age for babysitting in Illinois?

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There Is a legal age in Il. to babysit.- The child must be 11, and the time should be limited. If left alone for a substantial amount of time- (there is no set limit on that time ) say.... over 4 hours- the child needs to be 13.

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the legal age of babysitting in Canada is 11!

There is no set legal age for babysitting in the state of Louisiana. However most states do set a legal age for babysitting.

it is 14 years old if mature under parental concerns

there is not a legal age for babysitting it is up to the parents and what the feel comfortable with

There has to be a legal age for babysitting because if your not that curtain age then you might lose the kid or Horace them

14 is the minimal age for babysitting in Massachusetts.

since the legal age in Michigan to stay home alone is 12, i believe that the legal age for babysitting is also 12.

In Washington DC, there is no legal age for babysitting. However, generally speaking, most children do not begin babysitting until they are around 14 years of age.

I think a great age to start babysitting is 12.

13 is the Legal Babysitting age for non-family members. Please see related link.

No there is no legal age for baby sitting

The legal age to babysit in Canada is 12, but it can be earlier if you take specialized classes towards babysitting, where you can have the license to babysit at the age of ten at the youngest.

16 is the minimum working age. There is no legal minimum age for babysitting. (The babysitter's level of maturity and competence are the mainattributes a parent should consider)

I think the legal age is 14. I'm 90% sure about it

Answer I can't say for the States, but in Canada the legal age is 14

The legal age to babysit a child (for an adult not to be present) is 14 years.

There is no legal age a child can babysit in North Carolina. It is whatever age the parents feel comfortable with them babysitting. 11-13 is an average age to begin babysitting.

10 and on but age 9 and under isn't exceptable because their the ones who should be babysat not babysitting!

The legal age starts at 13. anyone under isn't legal but if you trust the person its your risk.

the legal age for babysitting in las Vegas is 15-16 or older if you are older than 60 you can not babysit because they say it is to dangerous.

A child must be 12-13 years of age to participate in a babysitting course in Indiana, but there is no set legal age to actually babysit.Hope this helps!- Keener Demeanor -

The legal age to sell lottery tickets in Illinois is 18. It is also the legal age at which a person can purchase a ticket.

any age as long as u have the certified certificate

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