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What is the legal age for marriage in Georgia?


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18, or 16 with parental consent.


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Yes, a marriage is legal if you are married in Jamaica and live in Georgia. Any marriage is legal as long as the proper paperwork was filed with the court.

Same-sex marriage became legal in Georgia on June 26, 2015.

Yes. Same-sex marriage is legal in Georgia effective June 26, 2015.

the legal marriage age is 16 but you have to have a parents consentBIt Legal... In Yemen (Middle-East country) legal age for marriage, Female:12 Male:14

Yes, first cousin marriage is legal in Georgia.

The legal age for marriage in India is 18 for girls and 21 for boys.

In Georgia the age of majority is 18.

what is legal age for a child to ride on a motorcycle in georgia

Legal marriage age in India: Female: 14 years of age Male: 16 years of age. The youngest ((LEGAL)) marriage age in the world is in Yemn (Middle-East country) the legal age for marriage in Yemen, Female:12 years of age Male:14 years of age

The legal age for moving out of your parents/guardians home is 18 years of age. Georgia does not have an emancipation statute.

No. There is no legal recognition of such marriages in the country of Georgia.

The legal gambling age in Georgia is 18.

If you mean the age of majority (the age at which you are a legal adult), it's 18.

21 years is the legal age of marriage in India.

In most Georgia counties both of you have to be 18 to apply for a marriage license. If you are 16-17yo you will need parental consent and in some counties also a probate judge has to approve the marriage license application.

In the state of Georgia, the legal age to be "home alone" is 19.

If you are not a felon, then the legal age is 21.

The legal age of marriage in most states in the US is 18. But you should check the laws in your particular state.

The legal age of majority in Georgia is 18. One must be 18 to enter into a legal and binding contract.

The legal age to purchase tobacco in Georgia is 19 years old. It is against the law to sell to anyone under this age.

if a person can vote in the age of 18 years so the legal age of marriage should be 18 years for both boys and girls

No, legal marriage age at least over 16 years old, here is a site for you to check every country's legal age of marriage.

In Georgia it is age 16. The age depends up the respective states.

The legal age is 16 but you need your parents consent if you are under 18.

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