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well where I live in Canada if a airsoft/co2 BB gun goes over 500fps you must register it as a lethal weapon so I assume it is 500fps for you too.

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Every field may have different rules, but they always have limits of gun FPS and require appropriate eye protection.

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Q: What is the legal fps of an airsoft gun in the uk?
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Can you buy 1200 fps air gun in the UK?

See the link below for a list of UK air gun laws.

What is the best UK cheap airsoft gun site?

I say twin ozez are the best cheap airsoft guns

Where can one purchase a Crosman Airsoft gun in the UK?

You can purchase a Crossman Airsoft Gun in the UK online at Trend Times. They ship toys all over the world. They have many different guns to choose from.

What do the colours mean on an airsoft gun?

if you mean orange tip that it is a airsoft gun and that its not a real gun so you dont get shot by cops. if your talking about the bright colors on guns in the UK its the law unless you have a licence.

Where can you get a ppk CO2 gun in the UK?

There are a lot of online stores that are both based in and ship to the UK. A lot of them require you to have a UK Airsoft Assosciation membersship, or for you to be over 18. Also, many sites where airsoft is played will sell basic Airsoft rifles.

Are Airsoft guns legal in Britain?

Living in the UK you do need license to buy Airsoft replicas that are fully black and must be over 18 to get what they call UKARA license. You must play three games in the span of two months and have a form of identfication to prove your 18. (Passport or Driving license).

Where can i buy a mp5 bb gun cyma cm023 airsoft bb rifle in the UK that is in stock?

See the link Below

Is it legal to have your own airsoft rifle at in London?

Yes- air weapons are amongst the few firearms it remains legal for a private individual to own in the UK.

Is it legal to paint camo on a paintball gun in the UK?

No, you must leave the origional bright colors on the gun.

What is the legal velocity of a 177 pellet in the UK?

A pellet weighing 7.9 grams can not exceed 826/FPS See the link below

Why should guns be legal in the UK?

yes it should be legal because if you get threatened by person with a gun then you can shot them

What is the legal age to carry a BB Gun in the UK?

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