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Q: What is the length and width of a bearded dragon?
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How big do bearded dragons get?

Bearded DragonsEastern Bearded Dragons (the most common type of bearded dragon) can grow to 55cm total length. Western Bearded Dragon - 40cm.Nullabor Bearded Dragon - 34cmBlack Soil Bearded Dragon - 25cm.Yeah, those are basically the sizes, but at 2 years, they're already 14 inches!

What is the height of a bearded dragon?

Average bearded dragon can reach 16 to 22 inches in length. Males are larger than females. Tail is usually half of the body length.

What is a suitable bearded dragon vivarium?

A glass vivarium measuring around 4 feet in length is suitable for an adult bearded dragon. Juveniles require less space.

What is smarter a tree frog or a bearded dragon?

a bearded dragon

What is the scientific name for a bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons are in the family pogona but the most common bearded dragon in captivity worldwide is the Central Bearded Dragon; pogona vitticeps.

How big should your full grown bearded dragon's tank be?

IT SOULD BE 43.6 TO 55.8 CN LONG A good standard is twice as long as the bearded dragon is from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, both lengthwise and width.

How big will the bearded dragon get?

a standard bearded dragon will get about 18 inches, a German giant (another kind of bearded dragon) will get about 24 inches

What is the bearded dragon from?

bearded dragons are from australia.

How big can a bearded dragon get?

Within a year a bearded dragon should be a foot

Can a fly kill a bearded dragon?

no in fact the bearded dragon will eat the fly.

Should you get a bearded dragon or a tortoise?

they can live toghether but start out with a bearded dragon

Is the bearded dragon native to California?

No it is not ! The Bearded dragon is a native reptile of Australia.

When was Eastern bearded dragon created?

Eastern bearded dragon was created in 1829.

When was Central Bearded Dragon created?

Central Bearded Dragon was created in 1926.

Is a juvenile bearded dragon a normal bearded dragon?

yeah its a normal bearded dragon it just means its like a teenager not a baby not a adult x

How long does it take for a bearded dragon to reach full length?

Around one and a half to two years

How long in cm does a bearded dragon get in length?

They grow up to 24 inches - which is just under 61cm

What to do with a constipated bearded dragon?

Give your Bearded Dragon a warm bath to clear its system.

Bearded dragon lizard?

Yes a bearded dragon is a lizard.

Which lizard is best for a beginner reptile owner chameleon or bearded dragon?

Bearded dragon.

How did the bearded dragon get its name?

The bearded dragon got its name from its beard around its neck.

What kinda lights does a bearded dragon need?

Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Lamp ...

What is the order name for a bearded dragon?

The full breakdown of the groups for a Bearded Dragon are :-Domain:EukaryotaKingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataClass:ReptiliaOrder:SquamataSuborder:LacertiliaFamily:AgamidaeSubfamily:AgaminaeGenus:Pogona

How fast can a bearded dragon?

A bearded dragon when adult can run up to 15 mph

Can a water dragon and a bearded dragon live in the same cage?

No the bearded dragon is from a the hot dry desert and the will get a respiratory infection from too much moisture. The water dragon will die in a bearded dragon's environment.