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Q: What is the lesson of Cocks and hens story?
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Who is the author of short Story-Of cocks and hens?

The author is Alejandro R. Roces :)

Summary of cocks and hens by alejandro roces?

Cocks and Hens is a short story about the Filipino sport of cockfighting. Roces wrote it in hopes of preserving the legend of the sport native to his country. It is a satirical piece about two brothers who have trouble determining whether a fowl they find is a rooster or a hen.

Where do hens cocks and other animals stay?

Typically on a farm.

What is the name for a male guinea fowl?

Males are cocks and females are hens.

What is the strory of Of Cocks and Hens by Alejandro Roces?

Of Cocks and Hens is a book written by Alejandro Roces. The book is about an argument over whether a chicken is male or female. To figure it out, they put the chicken into a cockfight.

What is the moral lesson in the story of cocks and hens?

It's time to go back to basics. Gone are the days (for now) when all you had to do was "just enough to get by" and still be successful. If we are going to survive these tough times, we're going to have to pick new and undug spots and dig deep.

Are hens or cocks larger in size?

The rooster, or cock, is larger in size than the hen.

What is the thing that keeps hens and cocks warm?

An insulated, temperature controlled chicken barn.

Why the hen is cock?

Hens are female: Cocks (or roosters) are male. Thus a hen cannot be a rooster.

What is a Name for an adult male bird?

Adult birds are called cocks (male) and hens (female).

What is the female name of a cock?

Cocks are male chickens or birds and the females are called hens.

Do guinea hens need a male hen to fertilize their eggs?

Yes Guinea hens need a male to fertilize the egg. Chicks are called Keets , females are hens and males are called cocks.

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