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The battery life of Toshiba laptop is about 2 hours average for normal usage. When the laptop is in the power saving mode, the battery can live up to 3 or 4 hours extra.

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A good travel laptop that has a long battery life is a Toshiba. I have one and the battery life on it is about 4 hours after a full charge on the battery.

A computer battery for a Toshiba laptop can be purchased from the Toshiba website, from online merchandisers like Tiger Direct and New Egg, or from the Amazon online superstore.

It depends on the usage of a battery connected to the laptop.... you can use power cable directly connected without battery as well to. And do not use power cable continuesly connected with battery...

Overall the Toshiba laptop battery is an essential if you wish for a long lasting laptop. It is very powerful, but unfortunately, it can only be used for certain laptops as the cable can only fit a specific size.

Toshiba is a good laptop to running Microsoft Office and one that has a good battery life. There are many online shops that sell Toshiba laptops. is one of online shop that sells Toshiba laptop with any kind of models. You can visit

The Toshiba laptop is a laptop computer.

Laptop battery life depends on a variety of factors. Typcially Dell has higher rated batteries.

To reset the password for a Toshiba laptop, one would need either a special dongle for the USB or parallel port, or to disassemble the laptop and disconnect the battery inside.

Yes There is a battery which we called laptop battery to offer power for the laptop and there is also a inside battery to keep the system time and some other settings

A battery for a Toshiba laptop can be purchased online directly from Toshiba's website. One may also find those types of batteries are at a computer store or an office store.

The initial charge of a Toshiba laptop battery may only last 10 to 15 minutes. Afterward, the laptop battery's recharge time will vary based on the computer model, settings, usage, age of the battery and the level of charge the battery already has when you begin the recharge.

There are many places one could purchase a Toshiba laptop battery. There are various computer stores online that sell them, as well as other general sites, such as eBay and Amazon who also stock them.

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Although no one can predict battery life for a laptop, This Laptop has several features when used correctly, which will efficiently expand battery life.

The cost of a Toshiba Laptop battery would be determined by the model of the computer. The prices range from 23.94 to 149.50 on a website called Just Batteries.

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No, your charger will have to be a Toshiba charger

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This laptop has up to 4 hours and 15 minutes of battery life.

You can buy laptop batteries anywhere, but a god place would be Best Buy. Toshiba makes the best batteries for Toshiba laptops since they would know what works best for their brand of laptops.

It is a japanes laptop.

A usual laptop battery life for a new laptop would be 3-5 hours depending on screen size.