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Most cars would average about 200,000 miles before any real serious repairs

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What is the life of a car airbag?

They will last the life of the car. They are one thing on your car you do not have to worry about.

What does it mean when a car has no life?

Car has no life means that it can not be used anymore. You would earn money if you sell your no life car for salvage pruposes.

How do you get a car on sims life stories?

Sorry, You can't get a car on Sims Life Stories.

Any car life hacks?

Car life hacks include the fact that you should never look at your car through the mirror.

What do you need to do after your car is reposessed?

get a new car and get a life

Can a car come to life?


What is life with a car?


How is it if lighting McQueen gets injured does he use car insurance or life insurance?

neither,he needs car life insurance.

Purpose of the car in your life?

for transport

What is the life of a car engine?


Can you buy a car in the Sims life stories?

No, sorry you cant actually buy a car in sims life stories but it is quite good

Which characteristics of life does an automobile have Why is a car not alive?

Which characteristics of life does an automobile have?

What is the average life expectancy of a car?

It all depends on how the car gets maintained

What board game has car shaped tokens?

The game "Life" has car shaped pieces.

What is buddy valastro's famous cake?

A cake the size of a car. That is a car. That is life sized

What Game uses car tokens?


What do you call the life history of a car?

Its autobiography.

What is the life expectancy of CAR?

47 years.

Cost of a fatal car crash?

Your life.

Why car is important in your life?

Crabby Artificial Rats (car) are important in my life because i like having sex with them and watching their tails go ERECTION !

How did the car change life?

it has changed life becuz now ppl don't hav 2 ride horses or trains to get places they can drive in their car

What does it mean driving the car in dreams?

Driving the car in dreams is a metaphor for being in control of your own life. The movement of the car represents your progress through your life, both in time and in the sense of "getting somewhere."

How do you make cars in second life?

Yes you can make a car in Second Life if you know how to do it.

What are the ratings and certificates for A to Z The Life Cycle of a Car - 1997?

A to Z The Life Cycle of a Car - 1997 is rated/received certificates of: UK:15

What is the life expectancy of a car engine?

200,000 miles if maintenance is performed regularly and the car is not abused.

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