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What is the likelihood that dead birds found on your deck means they have the bird flu or are diseased?

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2010-12-12 23:57:07
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It is unlikely that they have Avian Flu, but you must treat them as if they did. Do not touch them. To be safe from diseases, like bird flu, call your local Animal Control Department or Health Department first and ask them if there have been any cases of Avian Flu in birds in your area. Ask also about West Nile Virus and any other zoonotic diseases (diseases men get from animals) that might be known to be there. The Animal Control or health department people can tell you if this is common in your area, and if it is, they can test the birds to determine the cause of death so you know for sure.

Could they have flown into a window and broken their necks? They do it because they see the reflection of the trees and sky in the window and can't tell that there is glass there.

Do you have a cat? Cats will sometimes catch small animals and bring them home, this goes back to their instinct to provide food for the family and they can consider their humans as family. Usually, but not always, there will be tell tale signs that the animal has been attacked (missing feathers, broken wings, blood, etc.).

Whatever it may be, do not touch them at all and don't go near them without adults present if you are young. Avoid breathing in air that may be contaminated when close to or handling them even with gloves or a shovel, some diseases birds can carry are airborne.

Before you do anything, ask the officials how you should protect yourself and how you should dispose of the birds safely to protect others as well.

There is no specific "meaning", other than the fact that the bird was sick or died as a result of injury. But if you find several dead birds around your home, or if your neighbors find dead birds around their homes as well, then you need to contact your local health department to see if they are testing for West Nile Virus.

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