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The list of V12 cars is a list of vehicles that use a V12 engine. A V12 engine uses 12 cylinders and is available in many consumer cars. V12 engines are also available for marine crafts.

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Q: What is the list of the v12 cars?
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Do all murcielago's have a v12 engine?

no they do not. these cars are so super super super super slow

Is clutch judder a common problem with manual gearboxes on the Jaguar E- type V12 cars?

I wouldn't think anything at all is common about a Jaguar E-type v12... but I could be horribly mistaken.

What engine does a lamborghini have?

Diablo- V12 Murcielago- V12 Gallardo- V10 Countach- V12 Miura- V12 california-V14

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What is better the Aston Martin DBS or the V12 Vantage?

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How big is a Aston Martins engine?

db9=6.0 v12=470bhp dbs=6.0 v12=510bhp vantage=4.7 v8=420bhp vantage=6.0 v12=510bhp One-77 - 7.3 V12 - 700BHP Rapide - 6.0 V12 - 470

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How fast is a v12 engine?

A v12 can go faster than 210 mph

Where can you get list of all cars? Answer You can find the information in a site for list of cars enthusiast which I have mentioned in the source.

What is firing order of V12 diesel engine?

first what make and model v12 there are a few

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