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What is the little speaker for on the headliner above the drivers seat on my 2002 Yukon XL?


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Onstar and/or hands free cell phone speaker.

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It is located on the left (drivers) frame rail(on the inside) under the drivers door

Look under the hood, on the drivers side. On my 98 it is on the drivers side of the dash, only able to access with the door open.

One of them is under the hood drivers side, the other inside the vehicle drivers side also on the side of the dash.

under neath the Drivers side on the frame rail

The fuel system control on a 2001 GMC Yukon XL is located underneath the drivers side. It is on the frame rail.

AnswerIt should be on the Drivers side in line with the middle of the Drivers side door mounted just inside the frame.

My 2000 Yukon XL holds about 32 Gallons. The regular Yukon may hold a little less, I am not real sure.

The speakers in a 2005 GMC Yukon are 6 3/4" speakers. If you wish to replace them, 6 1/2" speakers will also work, provided you get an adapter kit.

need to know were the blend door actuator is for a 2002 gmc yukon on the drivers side , dual climate controls, rear air and heat

if you go to and you put in your specs of your car or truck, they will give you all the speaker sizes and even sell you speakers with the factory specs and they throw in connection adapters for free. but the rear cealing speakers size is 4x10

The fuel filter on my 2000 is along the inner frame rail under the drivers door.

There are two fuse boxes on a 2004 GMC Yukon. One is on the drivers side of the instrument panel. It will be visible when you open the drivers door. Remove the cover and you will locate several fuses. The other fuse box is in the engine compartment. When you open the hood, there will be a fuse box on the right hand side of the engine.

its under the engine on the drivers side slide under the drivers door area with a flashlight, look up and youll see it drain plug is on passengers side

fuel pump fuse should be in the fuse box underneath the dash on the drivers side

I got 2001 and I was wondering the same thing! what is that little fan. If what you are talking about is right above the driver seat it in fact is not a fan but a busted speaker for your Onstar service. Which probably happened when someone replaced the stock stereo head in your dashboard.

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