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The causes of local winds are because of temperature and air pressure. The greater one of these are, the stronger the winds are.

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What are local wind and type of local winds?

local winds alternate in direction . their causes are due to temperature and air pressure

What causes local winds?

Local winds are caused by the unequal heating of earth's surface within a small area.

What causes local winds to form?

repiration oesgvdj ffudj

Causes and effects of local winds?

Local winds can be caused by small temperature differences that exist within larger systems. Local winds can be strong, as with a downburst on the leading edge of a supercell. They can also produce locally strong winds, such as tornadoes. Local winds can cause property damage and harm to people and animals.

Were do local winds occur?

Local winds occur on lakeshores or seashores

What is the definition for local winds?

The winds dependent upon local changes in temperature:

What does local winds mean?

winds or high winds in your area, or state winds or high winds in your area, or state

What are two local winds?

Cool and Hot winds

Do local winds only occur in one place?

Every place has its own local winds.

What are local winds?

Local winds are winds that blow over short distances caused by unequal heating of the earths surface in a small area.

What winds are not global winds?

Land breezes and sea breezes are examples of local winds.

What are the cause and effects of local winds and monsoons?

cause and effects of local winds and monsoons

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