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Q: What is the local name of Philippine teak?
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What is the scientific name of teak?

The scientific name of Teak is Tectona grandis .

What is botanical name of teak wood?

The botanical Name of Teak wood is "Techtona grandis"

Where can I get teak patio chairs?

You can find teak patio chairs at your local home depot or lowes. They specialize in home renovations. you can also purchase them from a local furniture store

What is the scientific name for hardwood?


What should I use to seal my teak lawn furniture?

You can find teak sealers in any of your local department stores. A great product designed for teak lawn furniture is SEMCO teak sealer.

Name two hardwoods?

Oak, Teak.

Where can I find teak garden furniture sets from?

Teak garden furniture sets are a good way to decorate your patio. A local furniture store or Amish market probably offers some selection of teak furniture.

Refreshing teak outdoor furniture?

Teak is generally finished with a rubbed in oil and can be refinished the same way. Some of the best options will be found at your local marine dealer because many boats use teak accents because of it's durability. If you don't have a local marina you should be able to find a product called Watco Oil at your local hardware store.

What are the relationship of Philippine music to Philippine culture?

The Philippine music is a big part of the Philippine Culture. Like any other country, the local music is one of the unique things that set Philippine culture from others. From the local musical instruments and folk songs, the Philippine music carries the heart of Philippine arts and also Philippine History.

What is the scientific name of teak and sandalwood?

Santalum spicatum

How do I find a source for teak patio dining sets?

Outdoor teak furniture, patio teak furniture and indoor teak furniture online; We sell Buy Teak Furniture, Teak Dining Sets, Teak Storage Boxes and Teak Patio Furniture. So make Teak Designs your source for all your teak garden furniture

What is possessive form of teak?

The possessive form for the noun teak is teak's.

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