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South Vietnam is south of China

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Chine supported North Vietnam not South Vietnam, and they supported the North as they accepted the Communist doctrine.

South of Taiwan and China. Directly, east of Vietnam. Northeast of Malaysia and Brunei. Directly north of Indonesia.

China, Laos, and Cambodia on the north and west, the South China Sea on the east and south.

it is located in the South-East of Asia, South of Russia and North of Vietnam, to the North-East of India

From north to south, China, Laos, Cambodia.

The relative location of china is1) North of Thailand2) South of Magolia

The Vietnam War or Second Indochinese War was a military engagement between North Vietnam and its allies (principally China and the USSR) and South Vietnam and its allies (principally the United States). From the South Vietnamese and US perspective, North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam in an attempt to annex it. From the North Vietnamese perspective, North Vietnam was liberating South Vietnam from illegal US occupation and manipulation.

The very large country of China is between Mongolia and Vietnam.

Which Vietnam is good North or South

Actually there were 4 America and South Vietnam and then China helped North Vietnam

North Korea's neighbours are China, Russia, Japan and South Korea. Vietnam is along way from North Korea but it's neighbours are China Laos Cambodia and Thailand

The Gulf of Tonkin is off the coast of North Vietnam and is part of the South China Sea.

The north Vietnamese wanted south Vietnam reunited with north Vietnam

There is no North and South in Vietnam. Just Vietnam.

It is the portion of the South China Sea that forms the coast of northern Vietnam, roughly between Hainan Island (China) in the north east and Hué (Vietnam) in the south west.

In Vietnam, which is a medium-sized country to the south of China. Vietnam was divided into two countries, North Vietnam, which was Communist, and South Vietnam, which was a highly unstable Capitalist dictatorship. The worst of the fighting happened down at the southern end and involved the Americans and communist rebels in the south, who were known as the Viet Cong. There was also plenty of fighting on the border.

Cochin-China (south), Annam (central), Tonkin (north)

Vietnam is a country bordering Camboida and Laos to the west, China to the north, and the Pacific ocean to the south.

The relative location of Taiwan is North of:Phillipines South of: China East of : Pacific Ocean West of : China

The Vietnam war was North Vietnam's invasion - by guerrillas and by its own army - of South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. North Vietnam was aided and armed by Soviet Russia and Red China.

He was the president of North Vietnam, and had overall direction of the invasion of South Vietnam by the North Vietnam forces which were supplied by Soviet Russia, and to a lesser extent, China.

North Vietnam moved to South Vietnam by rice rich right ?

north vietnam won and south vietnam lost now south vietnam has toxic wate down there but north vietnam has clean water

North Vietnam & VC living in South Vietnam (supplied by USSR/Red China) against US/Australia/South Korea/South Vietnam/New Zealand/Thailand/Philippines.

North Vietnam (supplied by USSR/Red China) verses US, South Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Thailand.

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