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What is the location of the van Allen radiation belts?

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The Van Allen Radiation Belts are trapped in the Earth's geomagnetic fields. There are two belts which are toroidal(shaped like donuts or bagels) with Earth at the center. Both belts, an inner belt and an outer belt, are composed of plasma (highly energetic charged particles such as electrons and protons).

The Van Allen belts are oddly shaped toroids, however, because their shape is distorted by the "Solar Wind" of particles streaming from the Sun. The Earth, rotating at the center of the toroids, is roughly 8,000 miles (13,000 km) wide and nearly circular. The outer Van Allen belt extends roughly 8,000 miles (13,000 km) into space on the sunny side of the Earth and roughly 56,000 miles (91,000 km) into space on the dark side. The inner belt extends roughly 1/2 the distances of the outer belt.

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Where is the location of the Van Allen Radiation Belts?

In my house

What is a term for earths radiation belts?

The Van Allen belts

Why the Van Allen belts are hazardous to astronauts and satellites?

The Van Allen Belts are full of dangerous cosmic radiation. Radiation is harmful to humans and has a tendency to destroy electronic gear.

Can man pass through the van allen belts?

A man can pass through the van allen belts. I believe the question you may be asking is, can a man safely pass through the van allen belts? The answer to that is maybe. The van allen radiation belts are filled with radiation and an unprotected person passing through it may be exposed to lethal amounts of radiation. Hence, manned space missions that pass through this must be adequately shielded against radiation.

What happens in the van Allen radiation belts?

radiation gets sent back and fourth.

What do the Van Allen belts contain?

solar radiation. as the solar wind hits the earth's magnetic fields, it is mostly diverted away from the earth. but some radiation gets caught in the field, and those are the van Allen radiation belts. Aurora borealis

What is the name of the radiation belts surrounding the earth that were discovered in 1958?

The Van Allen Belts are the radiation belts surrounding the Earth. They were discovered in 1958 by NASA's astronomers and scientists.

What is donut shaped radiation belts?

The donut shaped radiation belts around the Earth are called the Van Allen Belts. There are similar belts around every planet with a magnetic field.

The location of the Van Allen Radiation Belts?

MagnetosphereThe Van Allen Radiation Belt touches the Earth at the poles and extends out into space up to 19,000 kilometers in a circular shape before coming back around to the opposite pole. Google Van Allen in Google Images for pictures.

Explorer 1 discovered what radiation belts around the planet earth?

Van Allen

What are the magnetic radiation belts around the earth?

The inner or, outter van Allen belt.

What has the author Walter N Spjeldvik written?

Walter N. Spjeldvik has written: 'The earth's radiation belts' -- subject(s): Van Allen radiation belts

Cosmic rays trapped in the earth's magnetic field make up?

The Van Allen radiation belts

What is a band of high radiation around the earth that captures particles given off by the sun?

The Van Allen belts.

In which atmospheric layer are the Van Allen radiation belts?

The Van Allen radiation belts occur in the outer twoatmospheric layers of the earth. These are the thermosphereand (beyond that) the exosphere.They are located primarily in the Exosphere 1000s of kilometres above the Earth's surface but in some areas do drop as low as 200 km alititude.

What is the Van Allen belt?

A Van Allen Radiation Belt (there are actually two persistent belts, while transient third belts are occasionally observed) is a torus of energetic charged particles (plasma) around Earth, held in place by Earth's magnetic field. The Van Allen belts are closely related to the polar aurora where particles strike the upper atmosphere and fluoresce.

Which belts surrounds the earth?

Van Allen

What does the Van Allen Belt have to do with the north and south pole?

The charged particles flowing through space around the Earth follow the lines of magnetic force, resulting in a higher concentration of these particles in two toroidal bands curving outward from pole to pole. The radiation belts are called the Van Allen Belts after scientist James Van Allen (1914-2006).

What causes Auroras?

Aurora- bands or curtains of colored lights produced by the Van Allen radiation belts that collide with particles in the upper atmosphere.

What creates van Allen belts?

Earth magnetosphere

What is the protective layer called that surrounds planet earth?

The ozone layerThe atmosphereThe Van Allen radiation beltsThe heliosheathMomma's loving arms...

Do astronauts go through deadly and perilous radiation belts going to the moon?

No, there are no "Radiation belts between the Earth and Moon. However. they do travel through the "Van Allen Belt". this is a "Belt" created by the earth's magnetic field that shields the earth from the some of the ratiation of the Sun and outerspace. Once an astronaut is outside of this "Belt" they are exposed to a higher level of radiation. The Van Allen Belt is highest at the earth's equator and lowest at the earths poles.

Where are Van Allen belts found?

They are found around the earth.

What creates the Van Allen belts?

The Van Allen belts are composed of charged particles from the solar wind that became captured in the Earth's magnetic field. Deflection of charged particles

Does the Troposphere extend to the Van Allen Belts of radiation?

The Troposphere is the lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere. Weather occurs in the Troposphere. The Van Allen Belts are made up of charged particles that have been captured by Earth's magnetic field. The particles sometimes enter the ionosphere, a layer of the Earth's atmosphere much higher than the Troposphere. The Northern and Southern lights are the result of these ions entering the Ionosphere. The Van Allen Belts are doughnut shaped and extend for 7,000 miles out into space.