What is the longest a girl can miss her period?


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9 months because she is pregnant

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depends are you under weight? you can lose your period if you do not weigh enough.

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A girl can miss her period randomly if she is a virgin for multiple reasons.

That alone is not a confirmation of being pregnant. A girl may skip her period for too many reasons. But yes a pregnant girl does miss her period.

What happes if girl misses her period for 2 months is she pernant

Ofcourse,and if she misses a period this doesn't mean that she's pregnant.

Yes, but it normally means you are pregnant. =)

have sex about a week before your period is due. have it often, then if you miss your period, your pregnant

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Conception would occur around two weeks before menstruation, if pregnancy occurs then this will stop menstruation from occuring. Thus she will miss her next period if she is pregnant, so if you miss a period take a pregnancy test.

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No, PMS will not cause you to miss your period.

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Yes she can, particularly if she isn't eating much.

No. When a woman is on her period it is because every month her body lays an egg, and when that egg isn't fertilized then it dies, the blood from that egg is your period. Its normal to miss your period sometimes.

Malnutrition and extreme stress are two possibilities. Also not everyone is completely regular, especially very young women. Extreme workout or sports involvement has also been known to cause a girl to miss her period.

Yes, which is why it is important to always use protection. If you miss your next period, take a pregnancy test

Then eighter she is pregnant and needs to take a pregnancy test or she may be stressing alot and that causes for her to miss her period

Yes. Stress can cause you to miss your period.

No, there are many reasons that someone can miss a period and not be pregnant. However, if you do not normally miss periods and you have had unprotected sex since your last period then you might be pregnant. Be safe, take a pregnancy test.

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