What is the longitude and latitude of springfield Illinois?

Every point on Earth has a different set of coordinates, and Springfield

is a big place, with a huge number of different points in it.

The center of the big white uppercase ' I ', set among the red bricks in

the pavement in front of the east entrance to the Illinois State Capitol,

is located at 39.798399° north latitude

89.654315° west longitude. The numbers are slightly different at other places in town. For example,

the flagstaff mounted on the center of the capitol dome about 185 feet

horizontally from the ' I ', stands at 39.798392° north latitude

89. 654968° west longitude, and the center of the intersection of Runways 4/22 and 13/31 at

Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport is located at 39.8441° north latitude

89.6782° west longitude.