What is the lowest temperature observed in universe?


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The lowest temperature observed in the universe is -272.15 Kelvin in the most coolest place of universe "boomerang nebula "

also cosmic background radiation approaches this temperature

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The lowest temperature of the day is usually observed right before the sunrises.

The lowest possible temperature than can ever occur in the universe is the Absolute Zero. It is 0 kelvin or -273 degrees celcius, and occurs when the internal energy of the body is zero. Scientists have not, at the moment, been able to achieve this temperature, but they have cooled atoms to a temperature close to the Absolute Zero by using lasers to stop their motions.

The lowest natural temperature recorded was −89.2 deg C at the Soviet Vostok Station in Antarctica. That was the lowest recorded anywhere on earth.

The lowest theoretical temperature is 'Absolute Zero', -273.15C, or zero degrees Kelvin. Any atoms at this temperature will freeze of into nothing and remain motionless. Nothing actually exists at that temperature; everything in the universe is at least a fraction of a degree warmer than zero Kelvin.

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Pluto is not the lowest temperature. The lowest temperature possible is −273.15°C. Pluto's coldest temperature is about −233°C.

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Both can be observed. However, redshift is observed for most galaxies, because of their distance (and the general expansion of the Universe).

The lowest temperature was -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Absolute Zero, -273.15°C (-459.67°F), is theoretically the lowest temperature possible in our universe. That is far colder than the lowest outdoors temperature record in the US, which was -80oF (about -62oC) at Prospect Creek Camp, Alaska, on January 23, 1971.

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The lowest measured temperature in Asia was -90 F in Siberia.

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