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on 1990 the lug pattern was 8x7.5" on the 03 it is 8x180mm, there is about 1/4" difference between the two "unless i am mistaken" - you are correct. the earlier pattern is 6.5 inches. converted to metric = 165.1mm. tried it. they just don't fit. 170mm is about 5/16 too wide for a 6.5".

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2006 f250 lug pattern?

its 8x170mm

What is the Lug pattern for 2002 f250?


Do rims off a 2008 f250 fit on a 2002 f250?

yes they are the same 8 lug pattern

What is the wheel lug pattern on a 1996 Toyota Corolla DX?

lug pattern on a 1996 corolla is 4x100

Will my wheels off your 2500hd Chevrolet fit on a f250 ford?

The wheels from a 2500HD Chevrolet will not fit on a F250 Ford because the lug nut pattern is different. The only way wheels are interchangeable is if the lug nuts have the same pattern and are the same size.

What is the bolt pattern on a 93 ford f250 and how many lugs?

8 on 6.5 8 lug

What is the lug pattern for the 1996 Impala ss?

Lug pattern for 94-96 SS impala is 5x5.

1999 F250 lug pattern?

8 X 170mm, pre 1999 8 x 6.5

Will 8 lug f250 wheels off of a 1999 fit an 8 lug 1997 f250?

Should, but Ford is funny about that kinda stuff.

What is the lug pattern for a 1996 safari?

5 on 5

Will 8 lug wheels off of a 1999 f250 fit on a 1997 f250 8 lug?

yes all wheels are interchangable up to 2002

What size wheel fits a 1976 Ford F250 4x4?

Before 1999, F250s used 16" wheels with an 8x6.5 lug pattern.

What is the lug pattern of a 1996 gmc jimmy?

5 on 4 3/4".

What is the wheel lug pattern measurement for a 4 bolt Ford Falcon rim?

4 x 114.3mm

What lug patters match 5x5 35 lug pattern?

The Bolt Pattern is the type of lug pattern that match the 5x5 35 lug pattern.

Will lug pattern from a 5 lug F-250 fit on a F-150?

Is there really such a thing as a five lug F250? 99.99% of all F250's have 8 lugs for heavy duty use. To actually answer this, yes they would if they are close to the same model year as ford would have tried to save money using the same parts from one truck line to another.

What is the lug pattern m m measurement for a 5 lug 1984 Ford Ranger and will 5x5.5 fit it?

a 84 ford ranger is a 5 X 114.3mm. a 5X5.5 will not work

Will an 8 lug ford f250 1990 fit 2003 Chevy 8 lug wheels?

Yes they will. They will also fit all 8 lug fords until 1999

What lug pattern do 1995 caprice have?

The 1991-1996 Caprice and Impala have a 5x5 bolt pattern. It is 5x127mm in metric terms.

What lug patters match 5x5 35 lug pattern-?

The lug patterns hidden in the 5x5 35 lug pattern is the Chevy 5x5 Bolt Pattern.

What is the lug pattern for a 5 lug 1969 Lincoln continental?

the lug pattern is 5x114.3 or 5x4.5

What is lug pattern mean?

the lug pattern is when the distance between a lug patern and vehicle bpo

What is a GMC sierra lug pattern?

Its a 5-lug pattern no its a 6/5.5 pattern

What is the lug pattern measurement for an 8 lud Dodge ram 2500 and will Chevrolet 8 lug wheelsw fit?

Not for sure but go to discount tire and say you want the Chevy rims but want to know if the bolt pattern is the same....they will know

What is the lug pattern on the 2004 Impala?

What is the lug pattern on the 2004 impala?

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