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Japans Main Belief Is Buddhism And Shinto


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The main belief is that there is one God.

Their main belief is that there is only one true God.

the main religion in Japan is Shinto and Buddhism. Buddhism started first in India and then came to Japan after the king of Paekche from Korea sent a buddha statue during the 6th century to Japan, and i am not sure how Shinto started but I think it was there from the start.There was 110million people who belief in Shinto 89 million were followers of buddha and almost 1and a half was christian,by the way the population is japan was 120 million so many people had to belief in more than 1 religion

Rice is the main grain of Japan.

Sushi is a main food in Japan...

Belief in One God Belief in the God-given Torah Belief in free-will and responsibility Belief in the eternal soul.

there are four main islands in japan

what is the main religion in japan? by Brandon Franklin

the belief that they like women Suffering

The main belief shared by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is government by the people and for the people. This belief is the basis of the American government.

the two main religions in Japan are Buddhism and Shinto

There is a such a belief. It is a very common belief in Japan that personality is based on blood type. It is also a popular belief in other Asian countries.

One main crop that grows in Japan is rice

Automobiles and electronics are the main exports to Australia from Japan.

The main islands of Japan are Kyushu Honshu Hokkaido and Shiko

Lake Biwa is main water source of Japan.

her main belief was that men and woman should be equal and that woman should be able to vote. :)

Main religion -> Buddhism/Taoism Secondary religion -> Shintoism Very few people are Christian or follow any other religious belief such as Islam or Hinduism. However these religions do excist in Japan because of the foreign influence.

no they have one main god but they belief in others also

Hinduism is another religion that is primarily practiced in Asia and India. There are two main belief of Hindus, karma and reincarnation.

The two main religions of Japan are Shintoism followed by Buddhism.

Shinto, Buddhism, and Christianity, are the 3 main religions of japan.

The four main seas that surround Japan are: Sea of Japan, Sea of Okhostsk, Pillipine sea.

Buddhist is their main belief

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