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The main determinant is the number of electrons in the outer shell.

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Q: What is the main determiner of how atoms combine?
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What is the main reason of how atoms combine?

Atoms combine to form compounds. The reason atoms combine is because the two ports that they both use to connect matches in a way.

What is the main factor that determines how atoms combine?

What determines how atoms (and molecules) combine is their electron configuration. In particular, what matters most is what the number (and arrangement) of electrons in what is called the valence shell of the atom. These are the outer-most electrons, and it is these that determine how things react and combine with other atoms and molecules

What atoms form when they combine together?

When atoms combine they form molecules.

Are needed for atoms to combine?

Bonds are needed in order for atoms to combine

What is formed when you combine atoms together?

atoms combine to give molecules

Why do atoms of elements combine?

atoms of elements combine to form molecules of compounds.

What are atoms that chemically combine called?

Atoms that chemically combine form a molecule.

Is it true that atoms with the same outer level combine with other atoms?

No. Some do. But not all atoms "with the same outer level" will combine with others - for instance, atoms of noble gases won't combine with one another. And not all atoms that combine with others are equal.

How do atoms combine to form elements?

Atoms don't combine to form elements, atoms are elements. Atoms are defined as the smallest particles that contains all the properties of an element. Atoms combine to form chemical compounds.

Who discovered atoms combine into molecules?

Dalton discovered that atoms combine to form molecules.

Do molecules combine to make atoms?

Two or more atoms combine to form a molecule.

When atoms combine what do they gain or lose?

They gain or lose electrons, while the atoms combine.

What kind of a bond do atoms form when they combine?

A covelant bond is formed when atoms combine.

What was the result of the discovered how atoms combine into molecules?

What was the result of the discovered how atoms combine into molecules

Why do atoms combine with other atoms?

Atoms combine with other atoms in order to become stable, which for most atoms means having 8 valence electrons.

Why do atoms combine?

Atoms can combine only if they are having an incomplete valence shell. They combine to attain an octet structure. They can also share electrons. There are some elements whose atoms do not combine, they are the inert gases.

Can atoms combine with other atoms?


Do molecules combine to form atoms?

No, atoms combine to form molecules not the other way around.

Can atoms combine to form new atoms?

Atoms combine to form new atoms in the cores of stars. It is possible but quite difficult to combine them in atom smashers on this planet. That is how the trans Uranium elements have been produced.

What is it called when two different atoms combine?

When two different atoms combine, it is called chemical bonding, and the atoms will make a compound.

Why do atoms want to combine?

Atoms combine in order to become stable, which for most atoms means having 8 valence electrons.

What is the main reason why atoms combine?

Its big reason is you don't clean your water tank and you don't clean your west pipes its big reason is the atmos combine....

How do atoms or ions combine to form compounds?

Atoms and ions combine by giving and accepting electrons in between them

Atoms of two or more elements can combine to form?

Two or more atoms combine to form a molecule.

What do two or more atoms combine to form?

chemical bond