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What is the main idea in hatchet by Gary paulsen?

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main idea of hatcher by gary paulsen

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What did brain do in Hatche With Connections?

Hatchet With Connections is a book by Gary Paulsen. The main character is Brian. What he does in the book is become stranded after a pilot has a heart attack and Brian tries to control the plane before crashing.

Who are the main characters in The Car by Gary Paulsen?

the anser is Terry Anders , and Waylon.

Who are the main characters in the voyage of the frog by Gary by paulsen?

dabid is the main character the others are in the book li ke the shark , whales,etc.

What is the main idea in born worker by Gary Soto?

The main idea is mr Clemens fell in the pool

What is the main idea of chapter 11 in hatchet?

the main idea is that Brian found a fish pond, which he uses later for his survival. He tries building spears.

In Hatchet who is Bryan?

The main character

Where did Gary Paulsen go after he ran away from home?

Truth or rommer when he ran away ?and how was he ablie to find a carnavil to run away to ? Was he fustrated when he left ? And the main qestion is where did he go after he ran away?

What is the main idea of the book hatchet?

The main idea of the book hatchet is a young boy that is visiting his dad for the summer and takes a plane with only two seats, him and a pilot. Somehow as the pilot was flying the plane in an unknown area, he was stuck with a heart attack and could no longer live. The plane crashed, but the boy survived and the whole story is just how he survived in the wild by himself. Which towards

Who is the main character of hatchet?

The main character of Hatchet is the 13 year-old boy. named Brian Robeson. Hope I didn't answer too late. xD

What is the plot of the book woods runner by Gary paulsen?

Pioneer times taken plase in the woods by a town, the main character is Samuel and he thinks that the forest is a very dangerous place, but he has a feeling that he needs to go in the woods.

How is an implied main idea different from a stated main idea?

A stated main idea is when the author says the main idea right in the story where an implied main idea is where the author gives you clues to the main idea and you have to infer it.

What was Brian's problem in Hatchet?

He has many problems. But the main problem is that he is lost in the Canadian wilderness where he needs to survive with only his hatchet.

What are 5 main events in 'My Life in Dog Years' by Gary Paulsen?

The 5 main event that have happened in this book are: 1. Cookie, his dedication dog has saved his life from drowning while checking a beaver trap alone. 2.Snowflake was saved by Gary to be able to survive but got hit by a military truck. ill add more latel.l0l

What does main idea mean?

what the whole story is about that is what main idea mean.

What kind of idea is the main idea?

the main idea is the idea that's most impotent.

What is stated and unstated main idea?

A stated main idea is when the writer of the particular piece clearly identifies what the main idea is. In contrast, an unstated main idea is when the writer references the main idea, but does not clearly name it.

How do you get the main idea of the selection?

the main idea is the main topic talked about

What is a main idea with data?

Main idea with information

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