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What is the summary of Hatchet by Gary Paulsen?

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Brian Robeson, 13-years-old, survives alone in the Canadian wilderness with nothing to assist him but a small hatchet. Brian was the only passenger on a small Cessna 406 plane when the pilot died of a heart attack and the plane crashed into a small lake. Left with only a hatchet he received as a gift from his mother, Brian then faces survival challenges - building a shelter, hunting for food, fighting off wild animals, big and small. While facing the outside wilderness, Brian also confronts his inner difficulties following his parents' breakup and what he conceived as his mother's unfaithfulness. After nearly two months of resourcefulness adventures, Brian is rescued, but in the process he had grown and changed to become a new person.

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Hatchet, the 1987 novel by Gary Paulsen, takes place largely in the Canadian wilderness.

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