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Make robots.

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Q: What is the main mission of satanism?
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Does satanism have main foods?

Each Satanist's food preference is their own, no "main" foods.

Does satanism have a prophet?

LaVeyan Satanism (the original) does not.

Is Mike Portnoy a satanism?

No, Mike Portnoy is not a satanism.

Does Oprah believes in satanism?

no shes beyond that its like super satanism

What are the sacred texts of Satanism?

There are no "sacred texts" of Satanism; all works and books on Satanism and fairly cheap to purchase on most web-shops.

What are the religions of the US?

There are many different religious cultures in the US.A few could be:ChristianProtestantCatholicJewishIslamicMuslimPaganism (no, this is NOT the same as Satanism)Wicca (no, this is NOT the same as Satanism)Satanism

What is the link between heavy metle and satanism?

There are no solid links to Satanism and heavy metal, heavy metal artists use Satanism insignias to get publicly.

What are the miracles in satanism?

There are no miracles of Satanism, if anything, you create your own miracles through your own will.

Where do you find unbiased information on Satanism?

Satan Wants You by Anthony Lyons, or his other works on Satanism. He covers the history of Devil Worshiping, Satanism, and other things related.

What is satanism really about?

Satanism is the belief of worshiping Satan (the devil) to receive a good life in hell.

The main mission of the Church is to help people to be caught up in the?

the main mission of the church is to to tell theworld who is god and what he do for us

What is the religion of the devil?