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either they dont have a home and are strays or somone is leaving their pet at the shelter because they're on vacation.

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Q: What is the main reason pets are in shelters?
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Why do people put animals to sleep in shelters?

Because most shelters need more for other pets. They even put some healthily pets a sleep.

Where do no kill shelters put their pets?

The goal of no-kill shelters is to put pets into loving homes. Until that time, they may live at the shelter or in a foster home.

How many animals are in animal shelters?

There are over 7 million pets in animal shelters looking for homes.

How many pets that are put in shelters are adoped?

In the United States, about half of all pets put in shelters are killed. The other half are either reunited with their families or are adopted by new families.

What do you call a person who takes care of pets in animal shelters?


Do pet stores neuter the pets to keep them from reproducing?

No. Pet stores do not neuter pets. Shelters neuter pets to prevent rampant reproduction.

Why do people put their animals in shelters?

people put there pets in shelters so they dont get wet or injured in cold and windy weatrhers

When is the best time to buy a dog?

Right now! Anytime is good to adopt a dog, but due to the current economic crisis, many people have had to surrender their pets to shelters. Check your local animal shelters- shelters always have pets that are looking for a new home. It's best to adopt from a shelter rather than a breeder because there are so many pets without homes. Also pets from shelters are usually more family friendly and less costly. You can use to find a dog available for adoption in your area.

How many pets are put down at a shelter each year?

In the United States, about 4 million pets are killed in shelters each year.

Is raccoon's urine bad?

It usually smells horrible, if that's what you mean. Its the main reason why racoons do not make popular pets.

Where are my nearest animal shelters for adopting at?

My child is at an age where they want a pet. I know there are many unwanted pets out there and most get taken up by the wonderful animal shelters and want one from there. I would like to find out which animal shelters are in my area?

What toys can you get for animals at animal shelters?

Best thing to do is check with your local shelter and ask them what is allowed for the pets.

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