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What is the main religion in Malaysia?

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The main religion in Malaysia is Islam.

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Which religon is mostly practiced in Malaysia?

Islam is the country's main religion. but there are many other religion's practiced in Malaysia.

What is the difference between the Philippines and Malaysia when it comes to religion?

The main difference between the Philipines and Malaysia is that Malaysia has more Muslims and the Philippines have more christians.

What are the main religions in Malaysia?

The majority are followers of Islam religion. Buddhism and Christianity religion followers are minors.

What is the main industry in Malaysia?

What is the main industry in Malaysia

What clothes do they wear in Malaysia?

in malaysia they wear cloths bassed on there religion

What is the main language in Malaysia?

the main language bahasa malaysia the second language is english

What is the moon in Malaysia flag means?

It symbolize Islam as Malaysia official religion.

What is the major religion in Malaysia?

The principle or major religion in Malaysia is Islam. Other religions are Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religions.

Is the major religion of cambodia the same as the major religion of Malaysia?

AnswerNO. Malaysia's major religion is Islam, but Cambodia is not

What is Malaysia's official religion?

Malaysia practices freedom of worship but the official religion is Islam

Why does freedom of religion exists in Malaysia?

To keep Malaysia in peace. In order to form Malaysia, Malaya (Kuala Lumpur) have to agree Sabah and Sarawak can practice their religion (Christianity) freely. It is included in the agreement between Sabah Sarawak and Malaya before forming Malaysia together. Most Malaysian in Malaysia peninsula didn't know this.

Who are the main clients of SAINS Malaysia?

One will find that SAINS Malaysia offers a variety of services and has multiple clients. One of their main clients if the Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital.

What is the religion of Malaysia?

Mostly Muslim, with some Christians and others.

Malaysia what is there religeon?

Malaysia is a multicultural society, so as such, there are many religions in Malaysia. Malaysia's national religion is Islam. However, there are significant sects of Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus.

What is the main religion of Connecticut?

what is the main religion in Connecticut

What is the main religion in Cameroon?

the main religion is cameroonian!

What is Kuwait's main religion?

islam is the main religion

What is the main religion of the south?

The main religion is Christianity...

What is the main religion of Armenia?

The main religion is Christianity.

What are the main geographical features of Malaysia?

What are the main geographical features of Malaysiya

How many islands are in Malaysia?

Malaysia has over 2,000 small islands and 3 main ones.

What are the characteristics of Malaysia?

Malaysia is hot and sunny. Malaysia is also a multicultural nation, with three main ethnic groups living in Malaysia - the Chinese, the Malays, and the Indians. Malaysia has oil, as well as large agricultural holdings.

What is the main religion of US?

Christianity is the main religion of America

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