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They clean your blood of toxins.

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Why is the kidney the major excretory organ?

that is why kidney is the major excretory organ because without this organ we can't live for boys and kidney has to many important function to our urinary system.

Which is not a major function of the kidney?

Every thing else that a kidney doesn't do. Breathing, thinking, eating are just few things that the kidney doesn't do.

Function of major calyx?

method by which urine is passed from he kidney to the bladder.

What is the major function of kidney during urine production?

water conservation

What are the major function of kidney in animals?

to regulate water in the animal system

What is the function of glomeruli on kidney?

The function of glomeruli on kidney is to bring blood to the kidney nephrons.

What are the requirements for a kidney transplant?

Well obviously your kidney has to be failing. but other than that you have to have below 30% function in your kidney. Note: you can survive with only 1 kidney so its more like below 30% function in 1 kidney When your kidney function is down to 12 -15 % then you will need to do dialysis or have a kidney transplant. For a transplant the donor's kidney has to be suitable for you. Blood types and tissues types are matched to get as close a match as possible. Some body like a close relative is a good donor. The donor should have no major health problems and the recipient should have no other major health problems apart from the kidney failure.

What is the medical term that refers to kidney function?

Renal function is the medical term meaning kidney function. Renal means pertaining to the kidney.

What is the function of the left kidney?

to be a kidney and help you live

What is a kidney function?

Kidney is the nitriginous excretory organ

What is the kidney major excretory organ?

Why is the kidney the major excretory organs?

What is the function of artificial kidney?

The function of artificial kidney is mainly hemodialysis. This will be used to supplements the functions of the human kidney that has failed in terms of dialysis.

What is the function of the kidney in you body?

function of the kidney-purifies the blood,maintainence of electrolyte balance,formation of urine.

What is the function of the kidney in the squid?

The function of the kidney in a squid is essentially the same as humans and other animals. It's a major part of the urinary system, and it is used for regulating blood pressure and electrolytes. It also maintains the balance of acid bases in the body.

What is the function unit of the kidney?

the nephron is the functional unit of the kidney

Does kidney impairment mean the same as failure?

Kidney impairment indicates a problem, but kidney failure refers to the inability of a kidney to do it's job. You can live with one kidney or impaired kidney function, but if the kidneys fail to function, this is incompatible with life if not corrected.

The major kidney function that cannot be performed by artificial dialysis membranes is to?

reabsorb Na+, K+, glucose, and other molecules

What does marijuana do to kidney function?

No, it does not.

What is the purpose of kidney function tests?

Kidney function tests help to determine if the kidneys are performing their tasks adequately.

What are the effects of common drugs such as penicillin the myceins etc on kidney function?

Generally speaking, little or no effect on kidney function. However, kidney function may have an effect on the drugs. Most antibiotics are excreted via the kidneys, and reduced kidney function can cause a buildup in the body exceeding normal dosage levels.

What kidney disease is inherited and the cysts slowly reduce the kidney function and eventually leads to kidney failure?

The condition known as polycystic kidney disease is inherited and the cysts slowly reduce kidney function and leads to kidney failure. the condition can also effect the liver and pancreas.

Function of kidney pelvis?

It is a funnel type shape and it is part of the urethra in the kidney.

What does renal pertain to?

The kidneys or kidney area. Renal referrs to kidney function.

Dialysis performs the function of the?


What is the function of cortex in a kidney?