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With the serial number that you provided,your Springfield model 1873 Trapdoor Carbine was produced in the year 1877.

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Q: What is the manufacturers date of springfield carbine model 1873 serial number 75610?
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What is the value of a Springfield trapdoor carbine with serial number 407697?

made in 1888

When was 1873 Springfield serial number 137073 made?

The serial number that you have supplied,indicates that your Springfield model 1873 rifle/carbine was made in the year 1880.

What is the manufacuture date of Springfield Carbine Model 1873 Serial number 40859?

made about 1875

Which regiment used springfield mod 1873 serial?

There is no way of knowing this.All records of the US model 1873 springfield rifle/carbine will not have what regiment was issued which rifle by serial number.

Where are the Military archives with serial number 40859 for 1873 Springfield trapdoor model 1873 carbine?

made in 1875

What is manufacture date of springfield 4570 serial number 6829?

made 1874. if a Carbine it might be around Custers time

What is the value of a Springfield 1873 saddlering carbine serial 188305?

made 1882

How Can I Tell the Manufacturing Date on a Springfield Trapdoor Carbine?

If you wish to supply the serial number,I can look up the date of manufacture for you.The serial numbers for the Springfield trapdoor rifles and carbines are in the general domain for people to find.

What is the manufacturing date of serial 148716 Springfield 45-70 carbine?

made 1881

What is the manufacturing date of serial 464514 Springfield 45-70 carbine?

made in 1889

What year was your Winchester M1 carbine manufactured serial number 1210906?

what year was my Winchester M1 carbine serial number 1210906 manufactured

How do you find the history on an 1873 springfield trapdoor carbine with the serial number 17937?

made in 1874. check it out but I think that is what is called a pre-custer carbine and it's value is higher. check it out at: if I'm right he will make you an offer...............

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