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What is the mass of hydrogen converted into moles?

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The molar mass of hydrogen is 2 g.

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How do you find moles of hydrogen?

Since molar mass of hydrogen is 1g , the no. of moles = mass of hydrogen given. or No. of moles= Given mass of substance/Molar mass of substance

How do you work out the number of moles in hydrogen?

divide the mass of the hydrogen by the molar mass.

What is the Mass in Grams of 1.50 moles of hydrogen peroxide?

The molar mass of hydrogen peroxide is about 34; therefore, 1.5 moles has a mass of about 51 grams.

How is the mass in grams of element converted to amount in moles?

mass in grams divided by atomic weight = moles

What is the mass of 4 moles of hydrogen gas?

ans is 4.032 by using formulas plz of mole , NA , nd mass of atoms plz solve nd submit

How many moles of hydrigen are present in a 2 grams sample of hydrogen gas?

Mass (g) = Mr * Moles If you rearrange it, you get Moles = Mass/Mr Working with a 2dp periodic table you get: Moles = 2/1.01 =1.98 There are 1.98 moles of hydrogen in 2g of H2 gas.

How many moles are in 8.08 g of hydrogen?

As the relative molecular mass of hydrogen is approximately 2.0, there are 4.04 moles present in 8.08 grams.

What is the percent composition by mass of 1.2 moles of carbon and 3.2 moles of hydrogen?

If you think to propane (C3H8): carbon - 81,7 % and hydrogen - 17,3 %.

What is the type of conversion factor needed in a problem in which mass is being converted to moles?

number of moles=(mass of the substance)/(the gram formula mass(add up the masses from a periodic table))

What is the mass of 1.26 moles of hydrochloric acid?

1,26 moles hydrogen chloride (not hydrochloric acid) is 45,94 g.

What mass of hydrogen is converted into helium by the fusion reactions in one second?

The mass of hydrogen that is converted into helium by fusion reactions during a one second interval is one cubic millimeter. This occurs during the elemental change and actually shrinks the mass of the hydrogen.

How many moles of molecules are there in 250g of hydrogen nitrate?

Hydrogen nitrate has a mass of 63.01 g/mol. In order to find the number of moles you divide the grams by the molar mass. 250/63.01 = 3.96 mol.

What is 2.20 moles of Sn converted into mass grams?

The number 2.20 moles of Sn equals 261.14 grams. This is a taught in biology.

How many moles of hydrogen are in two moles of water?

There are two moles of hydrogen molecules and 4 moles of hydrogen atoms.

How many grams are in the mass of 3 moles?

Depends on what the substance is. 3 moles of hydrogen has less mass than 3 moles of calcium or 3 moles of water but they all have the same number of particles called Avogadro's number.

How many moles are in 454 grams of hydrogen?

atomic waight of hydrogen = 1.0079 weight of one mole of hydrogen = its atomic mass in grams(just like all elements). therefore 454g/1.0079g = 450.4 moles of hydrogen.

How much energy is produced when 1 kg of hydrogen is converted into helium?

Technically, the energy is not produced - it is changed from one form to another. Hydrogen-1 has a molar mass of 1.00795; thus, 1 kg of hydrogen has 1 / 1.007825 = 0.99224 moles. Every 4 atoms of hydrogen will combine into one helium; thus, in the end result there will be 0.99224 / 4 = 0.24806 moles. Helium has a molar mass of 4.0026. Thus, the 0.24806 moles will have a mass of 0.99288 kg. The difference in mass is 1 kg minus 0.99288 kg = 0.00712 kg. Multiplying this by c2, you get an equivalent mass of 0.00712 x (3 x 108)2 = about 6.4 x 1014 joules.

Mass of 3 moles of ammonia?

Molar mass of ammonia = (14.01 + 3.03) (Molar mass of nitrogen + 3 times molar mass of hydrogen, as chemical formula of ammonia is NH3). Molar mass= 17.04 Molar mass x moles = mass 17.04 x 3 = 51.12 Mass of 3 moles of ammonia is 51.12g.

How many moles of water are present in 100 grams of water?

Formula of water = H2O Relative atomic mass of hydrogen = 1 Relative atomic mass of oxygen = 16 Relative molecular mass of H2O = 1 + 1 + 16 = 18 Moles = mass of substance/relative molecular mass Moles = 100/18 Moles of water in 100g = 5 and 4/9 moles or approximately 5.56 moles

What is the mass of 7.35 moles of boron trihydride?

This mass is 101,6505 g.The atomic masses of hydrogen and boron are 11 and 1 respectively. The relative molecular mass of the compound is 14. Therefore the mass of 7.35 moles is approximately 102.9 grams.

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