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The Maximum Take-Off Weight for a Boeing 747-100 is 333, 390kg; a Boeing 747-200 and 747-300 is 377,842kg; a Boeing 747-400 is 396,890kg; a Boeing 747-400ER is 412,775kg and the Boeing 747-8I is 442,253kg.

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Q: What is the max take-off weight for a Boeing 747?
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What is the max takeoff weight of a Boeing 747?

The maximum take off weight for a 747-400 is 875,000 pounds or 396,890 kilos.

What is bigger airbus or Boeing?

Airbus currently makes the largest passenger airplane, the A380, with boeing making the second biggest, the 747. <><>><><> The Boeing 777 has a larger Max takeoff weight, longer aircraft, but smaller passenger capacity.

What is The max Take off weight of a Boeing 747-300?

377,842 kg.

How much does the Boeing 747 weight in kg?

The max take off weight is 396,890 kgs.

What is the Size of a 747 jet plane?

Boeing 747-400 231'10" Length 213' Wingspan Max gross taxi weight 397,800kg.

How much weight can the Boeing 747 hold max?

An empty 747-400 freighter weighs about 165,000 kg. The max take off weight is 396,900 kg. That means is can carry about 231,000 kg. of cargo and fuel.

How heavy is the Boeing 747 air plane?

The maximum ramp weight is 397,800 kg and the max take off weight is 396,890 kg.

What are the dimensions of a Boeing 747 horizontal stabiliser?

The Boeing 747 line of aircraft are fairly consistent in dimensions but the performance is what improves dramatically from the 100's to the 400's. (400Series) aircraft specs are: Length - 231' 10" Wingspan - 211' 5" Height - 63' 8" Wing area - 5825 sf At takeoff the max weight is 870,000lbs - pretty amazing if I do say so myself!

How much does a fully loaded 747-400ER weigh?

Fully loaded, a 747-400 weighs 396,890 kgs or 875,000 lbs.

Fow fast can a Boeing 747 go?

Max speed is 0.92 mach.

Which is bigger Boeing 747 or DC 10?

A Boeing 747 is considerably bigger than a DC 10 (as well as th aircraft that replaced it the MD 11). The Boeing 747-200 had a Max Take-off Gross Weight of 780,000 lbs. Later models increased to 800,000 lbs or more. The DC10-10 has a MTOGW of 455,000 lbs. The DC10-30 has a MTOGW of 530,000 lbs. The MD11 Freighter has a MTOGW of 630,500 lbs. Custermen

Weight Boeing 747 plane?

There are many types of 747, so I will talk about the most common one - the 747-400. The operational empty weight is 393,000 lbs ( about 196 tons)) and max take off weight is 875,000 lbs (about 480 tons) ALL aircraft differ in weight and in a large aircraft such as the 747, even the full fuel load differs in weight according to temperature.