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Trust Me Hunni, Fasting is not the way to go. Doing 30-60 Minutes of excersize every day will make you lose 1-2(half a kilgram - a kilgram) pounds a week depending on whether the activity is moderate or vigourous, etc. I know for a fact that if you starve yourself you just look bony and disgusting and if you actually work out you'll look hot because you're really toned you can see abs!! :P Wait for the results. Its worth it.

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Q: What is the maximum amount of weight loss on a weekly fast?
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What is the maximum amount of weight loss on a weekly juice fast?

It's going to be mostly water weight so my guess would be about 5-10 pounds. But they will come back fast and your metabolism will be slowed way down.

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You will gain weight if the amount of energy you take in is more than the amount you use.

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How can I lose some weight fast?

The honest answer to that is no you may think of taking diet pills but those wont help. The only fast way is surgery witch is a bad thing to do to. The only was you can loose some weight kind of fast is to eat healthy and exercise weekly or daily.

Is there anything that can help you to lose weight fast?

Reducing the amount of calories you consume. Eat fewer calories and increase your activity. There is no magic formula to losing weight.

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If you are 18 and weight 225 pounds whah can you do to lose weight fast?

Healthy diet and regular exercises can help us in weight loss. We have to take sufficient amount of calories what our body needs. Have to give fair amount of time to do working outs, cardio is the best option to lose weight. We have to avoid junk foods, fast foods, fries, sodas, sugars and have to consume more and more water.

How much weight do you lose burning 1000 calories weekly?

A pound of fat has 3500 calories, but when you lose weight epsiceally when your losing it fast (which is bad) your not burning pure fat your also burning off other things, like muscle.

How do you become insanely fat fast?

Eat a large amount of fatty foods, deep fried food, Mcdonalds, or other fast food. and some stores sell a type of bar that promotes fast weight gain.

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