What is the maximum daily dosage for acetaminophen?

The maximum dose is 4 g (4000 mg); this would be equivalent to 8 extra strength tablets.

Although long term use at this dose is common in the UK, it can cause serious liver damage over decades of use.

It should be noted this is the advised maximum. Lethal doses are considered to be between 6000 mg and 10000 mg depending on one's own liver conditions. If you drink, I would be very cautious with Tylenol and only take when necessary because of the damage the two can cause together.

An alternative for those with impaired liver function (alcohol, liver disease, etc.) would be Advil (ibuprofen), or Aspirin (ASA). They have their own cautions, such as ASA is hard on the stomach, but it would be a definite consideration for those who cannot afford being hard on their livers with Acetaminophen.